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For Sale:
FS: JVC HA-FX700 Woodies!

Will Ship To: US, CONUS

I am selling my JVC FX-700, reason being that I have re-shelled my JH 16 and gotten better fit out of it. Another reason being that I am moving on to headphone (which is not cheap), and I will need to stock up some money to get headphone and tube amp I want. I only use the FX-700 at home, and the JH16 on the go, since headphone will be used at home too, this earphone has to go.


It pains me to part with this earphone, the emotional part of me always like the woodies more than the JH16. People can say it has a V shape sound, they can say it does not isolate well, but it does not matter to me. The timbre of this pair of earphones is unparalleled, even though the JH is as accurate and faithful to the recording as it can be, it lacks certain emotion and feelings, and at times I am left slightly frustrated by it. The way FX-700 portrays acoustic instruments is just incredible. The twang and zing just sounds more natural to me on the FX-700. 


Due to fit issues, I was never that happy with JH16, meanwhile the FX-700 just disappear in my ears. I know I will regret selling this but let's hope I will find solace when I plug in the Audez'e headphone to the Lyr in a few weeks' time.


As you can see from the photo, I am including a few pairs of Monster Super Tips and Monster Gel Tips (they will fit if you rotate and gently push it in, even if the nozzle is slightly bigger than the hole), getting those tips will set you back by another $20-$40. I am shipping this earphone free. You will get what you see.


The original flimsy extender does not work anymore, instead I have a shorter 6 inches extender, which is a lot more solid than the original extender. If you want I can send you the original extender. The earphone cable and the extender do not share the same cable quality, with the extender having a slender and low quality cable. I am pretty sure JVC got them from OEM manufacturers.


The price is negotiable, but I doubt I can go much lower than SOLD, since I am not charging for shipping, and on top of that I am putting some good tips in. As you can see, the earphone is not new anymore (some cosmetic imperfection on the metal, but no scratches on the wooden body, and the filter is super clean). It has been used for about one and a half year, but in no way has it been mistreated. It was never away from the house for more than 2 days, and it was always kept in the original box or a pouch. I have never listened to it while my ears were oily or wet. Even though the earphones is one and a half year old, since about last year winter till last spring this year, they were rarely used as I was using my desktop speakers more (my desktop onboard sound card sucks too much for me to plug the FX-700 in)


I accept Paypal only, please send the payment as gift, if not buyer have to pay for the extra fees. US only shipping. I do not want to risk these getting lost at customs.


PM for questions.



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