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For Sale: PA2V2

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: usa

Less than 50 hours on this one. Excellent condition. Comes with patch cable and power supply. $36 shipped CONUS

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you got PM'sss, lol,



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Hey Wangch,


what be up man, is this sold or not, if not please let me know, or if you did sell it how many are you selling? because you either aren't interested in selling it, or just not to me, or you've already sold it and just won't reflect that in your post? er I'm a little confused, but still an interested buyer.


just am not able to get him to respond?? oh well must be out to lunch, or sumptin?? lol,


but if whomever does respond to his sale thread be careful IF you can get a response from him, just a warning, on it might wind up being just a BIG runaround game of cat and mouse with this seller?? and at what is a too good to be true price, I'm thinking someone is just bored to death and looking to play games, go figure, wink.gif!


thanks again, and good luck to any and all, in this, what is a dead end and has become a fruitless persuit of PA2v2 hunting, ggrrr! 


oh and you got PM'sss, lol,

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