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sport clip headpones

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i need a pair of head phones that are very portable. ive tried many iems but they never stay in my ears so ive been forced to use sport clip headphones. ive been using the philips earhook headphones SHS3201/28 for a few years now. but they are starting to become uncomfortable with the screen over the speaker pushing against the inside of my ear.


im wondering if you guys could recommend me some headphones of this style that would be more comfortable and better sounding than these


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Hi Acorn Radio,


You may want to consider Sennheiser's wide range of earhook headphones - from the OMX 180 and OMX 181, to the premium OCX 880 and OMX 980 as well as the sporty OMX 680 Sports. There's also the OMX 680i headset which comes with integrated remote and mic.


Do click on the following link for a quick comparison:



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