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For Sale: ALO Audio Rx Portable Amp

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For Sale:
ALO Audio Rx Portable Amp

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hey Everyone,


Due to unfortunate circumstances I've got to get rid of my ALO RX portable headphone amplifier.  Current economy hasn't been kind to recent college grads, especially those in the environmental/conservation field.



The amp is the original version of the ALO Rx.  I purchased the amp used last January and have since put approximately 100 hours on it.  It includes the power cable and the original carrying case.  The amp is in very good condition, I have always kept it in the carrying case and stored it appropriately when not in use.  I would like $210 shipped/insured for this amp.  It will be packaged appropriately and at your doorstep within 3 days (USPS Priority)


I will post some pictures tonight for those interested.





- Matthew

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If you could post some pictures that would be great:cool:
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Ask and you shall receive!


I didn't post a picture of the power cable, because well.  It's not very exciting.  It's just a power cable.


But do not forget that this power cable is included in the purchase!!!


If you all have any questions, please shoot me a pm or respond to this thread.

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guys...this is sold by any case u are wondering

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