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Carrying Case

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   After browsing google fruitlessly for a suitcase like (very small) container for carrying my ipod and future earbuds i've come to the conclusion I have no idea what I'm doing some point it existed, a friend used to have one but doesn't know where it came from...Anywho this will probably be shut down quickly unless someone happens to know what I'm talking about and where to get it or of something was the size of roughly 4 iPods layed next to eachother, and lined in foam stuff. If you know what I'm talking about, your awesome.

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Assuming its a pelican case I would say the i1010?

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The thing I saw looked more like a mini metal suitcase, well the closest thing I found was a 5 cigar carrying case...honestly though that's awesome

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I'm a big fan of the Pelican cases.  I have a slightly larger one so I can carry ipod, amp, spare batteries, IEMs, etc. all together.  The foam compartments keep everything separate.  The i1010 has the advantage of a cable routing system so the box can be sealed while you're listening. 

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Lots of guys use Pelican cases in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They hold up well, you can customize the foam padding, they come with integral locks.  Another nice thing about them is they are convenient to mail from theater where we don't have the luxury of going to a packing store to buy shipping supplies such as pre-sized cardboard, packing foam and tape.  


Before getting on the plane home I took it to the post office, had my electronics inspected, locked the case and mailed it off.  Took less than 5 minutes and cost me $20 to send a briefcase sized Pelican with $1000 insurance coverage.

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The regular 1010's can hold an Ipod touch 2g in the lid. I used to use this to check email around campus and ride the bus to school without worrying about getting caught in the rain with a laptop.

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