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Sleeping Headphones?

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I was thinking about wearing headphones to bed, listening to soft songs/rain sound effects. I was thinking AD700s for their open-back design. Maybe something below $100.



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Definitely wear a "portable" can to bed. I've been wearing Grados to bed every night for 4 years and I couldn't imagine wearing something big since I'm actually a side sleeper haha... I just plop one of the swivel drivers on my head then doze off... 

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There are new headphones out called Bedphones that were created just for sleeping. Maybe check these out? I believe these are relatively new.

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Originally Posted by FasterX View Post

I was thinking about wearing headphones to bed, listening to soft songs/rain sound effects.

I  think these headphones match perfectly your description:



Only 40$.

Now I  didn't try them , but I  imagine they are quite comfy for sleeping tongue.gif



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Now when I hit the sack I use with great comfort and sound IMO are the "Audio Technica AD-700". They aren't in the same leauge as my HD-650's or my even better HD-800's but I not wearing those to bed..... The "wings" and headband are nice and the cable going in on only one side is also a nice "no tangled feature", best part I picked mine up new for $83.50.....wink.gif

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zinos out of ipod  perfect 

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Im afraid to sleep with my headphones on. Take a look at thiseek.gif

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I sleep with the meelec M6 (iem).  It's pretty low profile, flat on your ear for side-sleeping, and they're pretty intensely durable.  Sound quality is only ok, but I really just use them for tv type stuff. 

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I fall asleep regularly wearing headphones - I mean going to sleep for the night - and

have a few observations that others might find useful.



1. Headphones worn in bed risk ending up on the floor, being rolled over upon, 

and sundry other unpleasantries.  They need to be reasonably sturdy.


2. I prefer closed headphones in this situation - might as well keep out any outside noise

when falling asleep.


3.. Avoiding phones that have large earcups.

If they do, they'll rub against the pillow and be microphonic.

(For this reason, I wouldn't consider wearing the AT 700's.)


4. Clearly, headphones worn while lying down must stay in place - and I've found few that reliably do so.



Having tried many, many headphones, I know that few can be worn while one is horizontal.


Grado's are very good in this regard.

But they're sort of delicate.  And open, of course.


AT ATH-M50's slide right off.

so do Shure 840's.

Beyer DT880

Ultrasone 780

Denon 2000

and several others.



Wthout listing all of the headphones I've tried this with, I'll mention the two that work best for me:


Senn HD25 I II - they stay in place, sound great, and the earpieces are small enough to avoid touching

the pillow (or whatever you've got you're head resting on...)


The other pair - Sony MDR 7606 / MDR V6.

They stay in place, earpieces are small enough front to back, and sound is

pretty decent especially when the intention is to be asleep in a little while.


And with the Sony's, if there is any untoward event, well - they're pretty inexpensive.



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Wearing headphones in bed is impossible for me. Even Denon D1001, which is about the smallest circumaural model can get, was pushing and making contact against my pillow.


IEM all the way for this purpose. I personally use Triplefi 10.

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I sometimes use my Koss KSC75s when trying to sleep, but I prefer speakers.

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If you are not demanding quality audio and just listening to soft songs/rain sound effects, these may be all you need.


http://www.sleepphones.com/ normal_smile%20.gif

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Don't think these will work biggrin.gifimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcRyJc5M_D16qTj7infJiS0GH0eyZhqMFjeXUaHB_u4sAKYEpd3bfpCMDWk

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why headphones over iems or speakers?

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I use the RE0. They're small enough to even sleep on your side and still be comfortable.
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