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Sure, you can use E10 as SPDIF converter but it only has coax, not toslink and limits to 24/96.. I feed it to HM801 from time to time.

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Anyone using this with T50rp? 

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Originally Posted by Mbeeching View Post

Am I the first person to have their E10 stolen? Going a bit spare at the moment.


Used mine as a Dac for a karaoke setup and my E10 has 'gone missing'.

I setup and disassembled everything so I'm fairly upset at the moment.


Why do people do this?



sorry about the inconvenient bro,you know,it is a crazy world we living in...sorry for you

i have been living in London for about one year,and honestly i did not pass any time with this kind of social problem,fortunately.Even as a big city,the criminality rate are higher the inner country regions,it was a great experience,although i found London to be too big for my tastes ,anyway i just like the British accent very cool.

Hope the person that stole your E10 to lose one of his hand.


Btw i was really,really interested in buying the E10,but because some popular issue and the fact i cannot return it if i dont like it or it have a problem (there is not "audiophile" or Budget "audiophile" market here in brazil) i had to choose the Nuforce icon Udac2,hoping i wont be disappointed.


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Still holding out for the newest version but haven't heard any news of people reporting they have received the new version. I have noticed the price lowered to 76$ at amazon but i will stay patient until i hear about the revised e10.

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There's been basically no talk of it for some time now and I'm wondering if 3 revisions in the few months it's been out has essentially killed any interest or confidence in the product.

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Well I received my E10 earlier this week and I'm loving it so far. Like others have said, you don't realize how tiny it is until you open that little tin it comes in (which I will use to transport in a backpack or whatever). Stamped on the instruction leaflet is the date '15 November 2011' so apparently they are still shipping the old stock. I do, in fact, have the silver headphone jack but report NO problems in the week I've been using it. Got mine through Micca store and for $76 USD it's hard to beat. I consider this my initiation into the world of headphone amps so I am happy. Thanks again ClieOS for the excellent, succinct review. Your review is the reason I purchased this product. FiiO should really consider putting you on the payroll (if they haven't already) since I'm sure you have sold a bucket of these things from your review alone. Lovin' this new hobby!!

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HI. I have a question for you that have the E10. My buddy has a nice pair of powered studio monitors and he is using a secondary computer for music in his den. The sound card on his set up is not powerful enough . Will this headphone amp work as a volume control to be placed on a side table for the music as the computer is in a closet and not on a desktop. I thought I read somewhere that when the line out is used the volume control is bypassed.  I guess he could just run the speakers off the headphone out jack to maintain the use of the volume knob?One of the main purposes of getting it is an external volume contol/line driver type application. If this won't work can somebody make a suggestion to something more appropriate?



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The only reason to use the line out would be if he was then going to pass it to an amp.  This is a DAC+AMP with no line in, meaning it can either function as a sound card plus an amp (volume control) or just a sound card which passes to another amp, so he'll have to connect it to his PC with USB.  Using the headphone out is what he would do with his monitors (although there is only a 3.5mm jack) provided they're not extremely high impedance.  The e10 can drive 350 Ohm cans, for sure.  And yes, using the headphone jack will give him fine volume control.  He'd probably be quite happy with it, if it's intended to be a gift.  If you just want something to recommend, point him at this thread.

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Thank you Eschaton. I thought it may work. If the computer is running say windows xp will this still be no problem ?


Thanks Again.

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No problem at all, it'll work right when he plugs it in, worst case he might need to select it as his choice for sound output, though he might want to change some of the audio settings to suit him.

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Alright. Its looking good. I was looking at the Fiio E9 too. It seems to have more output. Not sure if this matters as the studio monitors have a input gain/cut attenuation and the E10 is available for 78 dollars or so right now. Thanks again for the help. Much appreciated.

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have had my e10 for a month or so now. works great with my set up. adds a veil of transparency that normally wouldn't exist, and combined with my LD1+ it offers a nice warm blanket over the music :)

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I am using the FiiO E10 on a MacBook Air 13" i7 256Gb SSD.

Testing it with SEMJ591 Pioneer HeadPhones. I am happy with this combo but I am not really convinced. I was expecting maybe a bit more.

I am using .APE .MP3 320 and .FLAC files.

I would like to know if you can suggest me some setting. At the moment I am using L gain and bass off. As player I am trying both VLC and Vox, at the moment without EQ or other "effects".

What I noticed is that if I use the USB on the right side of the screen I experience some disturbing sounds during reproduction. Maybe that is a shared USB port?
With the right side USB port I have no particular problems, although it happend that I had to plug off and in the device because it stopped working without any apparent reason.


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when the volume is really low on the e10, the right side fades away much faster until i can only hear the left channel. is this normal?

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Originally Posted by b0000 View Post

when the volume is really low on the e10, the right side fades away much faster until i can only hear the left channel. is this normal?

Yes, it is perfectly normal. All analog pot of similar kind to that inside of E10 will exhibit similar behavior in low volume because they are generally not perfectly matched in low position.
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