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My 2 E10's dont sound that great so I gave up on them.  I dont feel like mailing them to China to be looked at so I am sticking to my Audioengine D1 


They tend to get scratchy after being on pause so then I have to disconnect the USB and reconnect it.... its a pain in the ass Im sick of dealing with it...

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Does anyone else have issues with the E10 in a USB 3.0 port? When I had just given my PC a blow out to remove the dust, I put everything back as normal but I couldn't remember if I had my E10 in a USB 2 or 3 port. I put it in USB 3 and my PC was just totally unresponsive. (mouse and keyboard wouldn't do anything) My computer is a few years old and didn't come with USB 3 so I had to install that separately. However, it really doesn't work with it which makes me wonder how the E10 works with more up to date PCs/laptops that only have USB 3. Unless it is the USB 3 I installed that was causing the issue.


This problem isn't to do with the fact the my computer was dusty at all though as it is clean now..




Another issue I am having with my E10 is the amount of crackling when turning the volume dial when music is playing. It is so loud and distorts the music at times.

Shame my E10 is having issues so soon. I haven't had it that long.

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