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Foldable Headphones for Music and Gaming

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Hello Gents,

I've been browsing a bunch of headphones and have frankly, been quite frustrated in my search. This site has been enormously helpful, but I figured starting a thread on my issue would help others who are looking for what I am looking for. I can't be the only one, :).

I am specifically looking for foldable over the ear headphones that will function well for both music and gaming. They will need to be closed as I have roommates and don't wish to disturb them. I understand that gaming headphones are nearly always better with an open soundstage, but that just isn't an option for me. I probably won't be purchasing an amplifier or anything like that, unless someone can really convince me otherwise, lol.

My price range is less than $200 (USD), which should be quite generous enough to get something of good quality.
I am by no means an audiophile, but I do care for quality sound.

I mainly listen to good R&B, Hip-hop, and good vocal music. There tends to be a good amount of bass in my music (nothing like dubstep, though), but at the same time, I enjoy hearing details (like a small chime in the background).

I've been specifically looking into some Sennheisers such as the HD-280, HD-380, the ATH-M50, and the Shure 840, but it is hard to get a good feel for them without physically having them with you.

Another point of concern: I live in an area where it will snow and rain. I can do my best to keep them dry, but I don't want headphones that will get ruined by a single drop. By no means am I going to be leaving the headphones opened up the rain, but I still want to be able to wear these outside, even when I am wearing a hood.

I hope I have covered all my bases. I've done a good amount of research, but I am constantly changing my opinion, which I doubt is very valid considering I have never used any of these.

Many thanks in advance!
Any help is greatly appreciated, not just by me, but by those that may read this thread in the future.


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Shure SRH840

BeyerDynamic DT770 PRO (doesn't fold)

Ultrasone HFI 580 or DJ1

Technics DJ1200A

Sony MDR7506


Very best,

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Originally Posted by xBiocide View Post

.I am by no means an audiophile, but I do care for quality sound.


If you care for quality sound, then IMO you're an audiophile.

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I don't game much so I dunno if this would be a valid argument, but I can't recommend the M50s because they have a small soundstage. I do love them for my music however^^

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