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I just purchased some Beyer DT-990 600Ohm headphones and had intended to use them with my AV receiver.  I wasn't satisfied with the sound from the headphone jack of the receiver.  Something is causing it to emit a hiss and I found the sound quality was better out of my USB sound card at my computer. 


Today I went to a local headphone shop and tried a bunch of headphone amps with the DT-990.  I sampled the Musical Fidelity V-CAN, Meier Corda Swing, one made by Oak (chinese brand) and some other ones.  With the exception of the Oak and V-CAN most amps were't driving the headphones too well.  I had to crank the volume way up on my Sansa Fuze and on the amp.  I liked the sound quality and price of the V-CAN the most and bought it.  I have it hooked up to my av receiver via Tape out and my DT-990s sound really good to me now.


One thing I don't really like about it is the lack of a power switch.  


Anyone else using this amp?  It seems quite good to me for the price.