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For Sale: Grado RS2i (CONUS) *SOLD*

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Grado RS2i (CONUS) *SOLD*

Will Ship To: CONUS

$SOLD + Shipping in the Continental U.S.


These are in great shape, only two <tiny> spots on each grill where the black paint has rubbed off.


I would just hit them with a black sharpie if they bother you.  


The last two pictures I shot with a macro lens and circled the very small spots.



Going to upgrade my desktop set-up and starting the process!

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can i make a offer?

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Where were you a month ago! I would have paid for them on the spot :/

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Sorry, @SurfWax...


I just decided to start putting together a crazy full-sized set-up!

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Thank you for looking!

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