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For Sale: Audio Technica ATH- ESW10JPN

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Audio Technica ATH- ESW10JPN

Will Ship To: Anywhere

The ESW10s are renowned to be one of the best portable headphones that are actually portable, while also offering impressive musicality. These headphones are gorgeous to look at without being bling-bling like the Ultrasone Ed 8 cans which are also "meant to be portable".  The ESW10 is a limited production model of 1500 pieces and deliver slightly bright sound that miraculously lets 128kbps and 256kbps sound enjoyable from an iPod.


My own ESW10s are no exceptions to the general ESW10 trend. The headphones are gently used, completely burnt in. They do have slight "scratches" that are only visible on off-angle lighting and are very faint. They are virtually negligible, and I think most of them have come from the previous owner(s) of this headphone. They are only able to been seen under complete and strong direct light, it took me a few attempts with the flash to make them stand out, otherwise they are pretty much unseen. I will also include an Audio Technica hard case that I got with this purchase to carry the headphones in. 


Please make offerings reasonable, that means I will not consider, for example, offerings of $200-$400.Paypal works, though I prefer the gift option if possible. 


Shipping is offered worldwide if you cover the shipping costs. Free shipping to continental US (sorry Alaska and Hawaii)


Post here or PM me, preferably do both. 




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Added more pictures.

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found the hard case I had for audio technica headphones, so I am including that as well. bigsmile_face.gif

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This is no longer available? I am very interested if it is?

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Yeah, it's been sold.

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