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Panasonic 780 v. Sony 925

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The July 2001 issue of Hi-Fi Choice (UK) has a rave review of the Sony D-EJ925, which sparked my interest. I've read what's available on head-fi on the 925, and find myself wondering: Has anyone compared the current (near, except for 01) top of the line Sony 925 with the top of the line Panasonic 780? I've heard the 780, and in a limited (+/- 30 min.) comparison, couldn't distinguish its sound from my Panasonic 470.

I'd love to have a remote with a pause (the single most important function to have on a remote, imo, right after volume, but Panasonic seems to disagree, giving preference to bass boost control!!!!!???); that, plus what HI-FI CHOICE describes as "beguiling sound," are the main reasons for my interest in the Sony--although i do worry a lot about reports of disk scratching, as i generally play unburnt CD's.

btw, in addition to other factors, i'm interested in resistance to skipping, as I most often use my portables for running.

noguilt aka friedrich (on headwize)
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I have the DE-J825, but also auditioned the 925 / top of the line Panasonic (780??) at time of purchase...

I must admit that I went on aesthetics when i made this purchase (only needed it for the optical link for my MD as i have the D777 Discman too) so sound quality wasn't primary concern...

The Panasonic definetly sounds better to my ears than the current crop of Sonys, these sound somewhat grey, a general lack of dynamics... and even the 925 distorts, when the going gets tough, something that didn't happen when I auditioned the Panasonic

Granted, Skip protection is pretty cool, I haven't actually had it skip yet (on setting 2 admittedly) even with severe shaking for the best part of a minute... maybe I just got lucky there, because there are some peoples G-Shock protection that barely works?!

Pause... Hmm... Personally I prefer the old "resume play" switch, doesn't drain the batteries that way, and still nearly instant comeback when you press play

Probably doesn't help... but... something is better than nothing
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Does the 780 have an optical link in the US version?

I know it does have one in the European version,
but I think it doesn't have it here...


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