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Anyone here from Washington DC?

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Would be interested in a "meet, greet, listen" meetup sometime.

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I'm a student at AU, would definitely be interested in a meet up.

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I live in McLean, Virginia!

Its about 20min drive to DC downtown! I'm down for a meet...

I don't care if its small gathering in a random quiet cafe or something!

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Did you guys decide to get together?  I'm in the NOVA/DC area and would be down for a meet some time.

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Originally Posted by nufcfan22 View Post

I'm a student at AU, would definitely be interested in a meet up.

wtf.. me 2... 

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I would be potentially interested in a meet up. There have been a couple interest threads recently but nothing has come of them

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i am also in NOVA and would be interested.

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I'll see if I can get the same library room as the last meet.


I've submitted an application for 1/21. 

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I'll be back in NOVA (Reston) in January and would be interested in attending meets.



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Im interested in attending if we could do a Sunday again.



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I'm also interested! I am right by Georgetown Law in northwest DC.

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My local library isn't open on Sundays, so the request I made is for Saturdays.  The Arlington Central library is open on Sundays, but we've had a meet there before and it was short of electrical outlets.  The same was true of the library in Fairfax city. 

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Cool, thanks for taking the initiative.  So which library did you reserve space at?  Will we be free to talk there?

If Audeze ships the 3's next week, I will have them well in advance of the meet...fingers crossed.

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It's the Arlington's Westover branch.  It's the same room as the last meet.  It's a great room for a meet IMO.  The fact that it's 3 blocks from my house doesn't effect my opinion of it at all  tongue.gif 


Seriously, every table has built in outlets which connect to outlets in the floor.  It's separated from the rest of the library so sound isn't a problem.  There's a door to the room that provides fairly easy access from the parking lot behind it.  Plus the Westover Beer Garden, that now has some indoor tables, and the Lost Dog Cafe with 300 beers, both across the street.

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Oh nice, yeah thats really close to me too.  What do you think about inviting a few local vendors?  Justin from Headamp is in VA and Drew from Moon Audio is in NC, to name 2 that I know of.  

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