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For Sale: FS: SoundMagic A10 portable amp

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For Sale:
FS: SoundMagic A10 portable amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

FS: SoundMagic A10, a nice little portable amp with a dynamic, musical sound in excellent, nearly unused condition.  Simple operation: plug in your ear/headphones and it comes on -- unplug them and it goes off.  The XB bass boost is a deep, nearly sub-bass boost the gives a good thump and does not bleed up into the upper bass/low mid.  The volume wheel is uniquely housed in the top right corner, but has a nice bit of tension on it so it will not get turned if in your pocket.


I've only had it about 3 months, but find that I just don't need it now that I've gone to the Cowon J3 player.


$55 Paypal includes shipping to you in the USA.  $10-15 extra to ship outside the USA.



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Hey Ken,

Thank you for the quick reply, can I ask a favor and have you email me directly as the forum is only allowing 2 PM's per day, dang it!




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