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What is the most comfortable headphones you've worn?

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I know the AKG 701/702 and the Sennheiser HD 800, HD 650, HD 600, HD 598 are suppose to be very comfortable, but is there a stand out? I would suggest the AKG 701 as a stand out, but they are the only expensive headphones I've used. What is/are the most comfortable pair of headphones you have ever worn?

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The D2000/5000/7000 are crazy comfortable.

Beyers DT/T lines are also crazy comfortable.


Very best,

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MDR-XB700 and MDR-XB1000 giant head pillows that assault your head with bass.



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DT880 by far

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Sennheiser 555 because that's all i got mad.gif

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Beyer 770/880/990

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Most has been AD700, followed by Denon D2000.  Beyers follow.

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Grado GS1000.

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I haven't worn very many headphones, but the Stax Lambda is the most comfortable I've had yet, even outdoing Audio-Technica.


Pads could be a bit better, but taping bits of microfiber cloth over the contact areas helps a lot. Maybe getting some genuine leather pads of the sort found on the SR-404 Limited and SR-507 would also help. (If only Stax had velour pads...)

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i find my hifimans more comfortable than both denons i've owned, but i do have a larger than average head, so maybe it's that? also have a strong neck so i don't really notice the weight. Headband in particular is nice, denons would hurt the top of my head after a couple hours.

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Sony XB-Series, I do hope them to come out with some more serious headphones in that design

btw k701 was very uncomfortable to me..

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The leather earpads and the weight distribution is just unrivaled.

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The k601 is the most comfortable I've tried. The DT880 is a close second.

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In ranked order:


1) Sennheiser HD800

2) Stax SR-007mkII

3) HiFiMAN HE-300

4) HiFiMAN HE-500

5) HiFiMAN HE-6

6) LCD-2

7) 271mkII

8) K702



89) AKG K26P



103) Koss Porta Pro





n) IEM


So simple, yet so complicated. :)

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