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jvc marshmallows

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hey guys. ive had a couple of headphones and i dont feel like spending much money on another pair, and i want to invest in a decent cheap set. i had a quesiton about the marshmallows. i know they come with comply foam tips, but im wondering if a rubber ear tip, like most iems come with would fit on them, do they have that little groove that allows the rubber tip to slip on and stay on?


i ask becuase i want to put my dual flange tips on, or maybe i dont? do you guys think these foam tips would isolate better than my dual flange tips, which isolate much better than regular rubber tips?


if the answer is no im looking into other pairs of headphones for 20 or less.  on my radar are the inkd, which i had a pair of and arent too bad.  im also looking at the ultimate ears 100 or klipsch s2, which is 10 bucks more. worth it or not?


also open to any suggestions, again ~$20, isolate is a huge factor. i had a pair of backbeat pros, inkd and currently a cx300, which dont isolate nearly as well as the inkd and pros did with the dual flange tips on, and i cant understand why..i wish they did i really like how they sound, but they dont sit deep in your ear. they just kind of create a seal at the end of your ear and just like chill and hang there, dont in much at all. (would be better with a tiny bit less bass)


many thanks!

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also on my new phones the left one kind of makes a crackling noise when inserted into my ear, like the diaphram is moving a lot from the pressure. can this damage my speaker or is it normal?

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The comply tips are going to isolate the best. On the other hand, they will influence the treble of your sound a bit, according to what several people have said on this forum.

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For what you're looking to pay, you can expect lower quality sound and build. So using Comply tips won't hurt the sound. Seeing as isolation is your main concern, you'll have the best luck with Comply. 

I've tried the different styles of bi- triple flange tips, but they hurt my ears. I took them out right away. That was me though, you might have a different experience. If you want comply, buy ink'd. The ue 100 and S2 don't fit with comply tips — they don't show on the website. 

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