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For Sale or Trade: Selling Sennheiser HD 650s

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For Sale or Trade:
Selling Sennheiser HD 650s

Will Ship To: Anywhere


For Sale is my Beloved HD 650s (newer drivers).
The HD 650s are in very good shape. The drivers are in perfect shape and have been burnt in for over 1200 hours
The only issue with the headphones being that the grills where removed from the plastic ring they where in (you can super glue them back in so they don't pop out)
 the pads are slightly worn but still comfy even on my big head and the cable has been split along the whole way but still works and whatnot (cables are only 15-20$ new online and most people would probably upgrade to a better cable). 
the headband has slight paint chip/flaking seen with all used 650s and is in otherwise perfect shape as well as the entire plastic frame.
I am open to answering any questions/comments you may have and will ship these ASAP as soon as payment is received. Paypal is my preferred method of receiving payment.
I am currently located in Chicago, IL for the month and will be shipping from there.
Thanks! <3

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PM sent.

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replied, i actually replied earlier but i don't think it went through (my internet has been acting up alot).

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Still up?

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oh yeah :P

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I wissh I had the money.... Definitely not considering trades?

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i am but not accepting anything unless its really good IEMS or preferably some headphones around the same level as the hd 650s, i'm looking for DT 880/DT 990 600 ohm versions in particular.

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Do the grills on the 650s pop out on their own, or something?  Did the drivers get changed or are they the original matched ones it came with?

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original drivers, and the grills stay in place, they only pop out if you drop the headphones or something harder like that. they go right back in, you could superglue the grills back into the plastic holder if you want.

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Weird.  Why'd you split the cable like that?  And you're saying none of this affects the sound?  Is that a yellow sticker on the band or just how the light hits it in the photo?

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its just the light hitting the band, it doesn't have anything on them lol.


and the cable was just split over time since it peels all the way down really easily, like string cheese :)



the grills don't make any change in sound and the cable doesn't either, why would it?

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O.k.  How much would shipping be to Dayton OH, or can I get a neighbor state discount?

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200 shipped? i would send via ups.

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If you're game, then I am.  PM me your paypal email and I'll send it on over as a gift.  Been wondering what all this fuss is about the hd650s.

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very sorry Reticuli, just realized Silvertrumpet999 had already sent me money earlier, i guess i didn't check paypal so i thought he backed out or something.


HD 650s are SOLD everyone! 





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