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Keitai-Fi (Japanese mobile phones)

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I wonder if any here in Head-Fi have a Japanese mobile?

I own a black Sharp SH-10C myself, 16.1MP CCD camera, 3D touch and flip screen, waterproof. It takes excellent photos for a phone.



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that phone looks so cool, I would trade my iphone for it, only if it was available in the states

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That's a remarkable phone! How'd you source that?

I've always wanted one of those rotating screen phones, but I don't know what company makes them. Meanwhile, I have to wait for my iPhone to expire contract.
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I bought it while I am in Hong Kong. They are Japan only models, so you will have to import them either way.
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How much did it cost?
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Around 500 USD, I think.
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Was it unlocked?

I think I may have found my next phone...I always liked the slim flip phones.
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They are unlocked, but some function are still locked in, such as 3G internet, HSPA+, the navigation as they are carrier locked.
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But you can still do basic mobile phone stuff right?

Sorry for the constant questioning, but I'm admitting my parents know more about how phones and carriers and the whole unlocking business works than me. I've always had a soft spot for Japanese phones, but I never got around to looking them up.
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Wow cool thread haha. Keitais were always really interesting to me, but it's such a minefield trying to figure out ones that actually work internationally. All the smartcard(NFC?) stuff and mobile tv never worked lol. Those phones all were rocking WVGA resolutions and high ppi well before anyone else though 

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This one's ancient, I've had it for a few years now. I think it's the NEC N-02A.


All I do is make/receive calls. I had an iphone before this and I found the iphone to be a little bit too bulky for my tastes at the time. Might go back into the smartphone camp one of these days though.

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I got my hands on a F-01B (and a non-working P-02A as well), but once I got a data plan, I became a slave to it... and never looked back.

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