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I burn in my headphones usually at night while I sleep for as many days as I think they benefit from the excercise. I rarely burnin headphones this way for anything more than 100 hours unless I am not enjoying the headphone and am hoping the additional burnin will help. I also like to listen to my headphones as they burnin in which is why I usually only burn them in at night and listen to them during the day.


I do like to use combinations of different type of noise combining brown, pink, and white in larger or lesser amount depending on which area I think the headphone needs the buggest improvement. I also have incorporated cymbals and heavy drumming in some tracks as additional stress in thoese areas specifically. But I also have a bunch of regular music I have combined into a play list that I use for burnin especially if I find my burnin files seem to be affecting the headphones in a way I find undesirable that way I eliminate that possibility and continue to excercise the headphones at night.


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Burn in is a myth because one can not listen using another's ears, there is no need to speculate just go and listen for yourself.



How many people have actually compared a 1000 hour phone to 500 hour one? 

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Go sermonize some where else. The OP had a program for burning in his headphones and was asking for some advise. He wasn't trying to solicit the never ending argument about whether burnin is real or not.

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He wasn't sermonising.  'Don't bother' is just as valid a response in terms of advice as the rest of the posts.

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Thanks. I have about 25 hours in on normal music and probably 10 hours in burn in. Not certain I can tell any difference, or marginally I like them less :) Still I bought the S4I's at the same time and I prefer the RE0 by some considerably margin. Not sure if I can tell any difference between the S4I and the CX500's I had before, I suspect my CX500's are well worn in now, at least that's what I hope. I'll be selling my S4I's shortly I think. 

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Originally Posted by cnocbui View Post

He wasn't sermonising.  'Don't bother' is just as valid a response in terms of advice as the rest of the posts.

If the poster had stated, "he never found burn-in to be a big deal so he never bothered doing it", I would agree with you. But when someone makes a statement that something is a "Myth" then they are stepping out of the bounds of offering advise and into the realm of a sermon, albiet a really short one biggrin.gif. Having said that I have had a few posts this week that had more edge than usual from me, so my apologies to the poster as I may be a bit more cranky than normal.


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Here's a nice link to DL such files: http://burninwave.com/

Thanks. I used the 1 hr silence file and added about 6 hours of music files to play with it in rotation for a 7 hr repeat including 1 hr of rest. Should work great. I get impatient and this will help prevent me from going too hard too soon. 1st 3 days will be at a moderate volume.

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Burn-in skeptics gonna burn in hell ! very_evil_smiley.gif


Seriously, if my mind tells me my headphones sound 'different' after 50 or so hours, does it really matter what others think ? I only get testy when I read some 'scripture' telling me that the K701 demands a thousand hours, otherwise you arent hearing the 'real' headphone. Just enjoy your cans, you obsessive sad little people .................. 

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LOL, no kidding. Zealots on both sides. Break in is real and varies by unit. Everything is listenable after 50 hours or so and after that some continue to change for while and others don't.

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I agree with both you :-) I was thinking the same thing there are FANatics on both sides of the street and YES making statements like a headphone needs 1000 hours is as over the top as saying burnin is a myth. My motto is burn them in at night and enjoy them during the day unless they really are not turning your crank. Then give them a couple days of burnin and if they still are missing something and if so MOVE ON because your not going to ever be happy with whatever headphones your using at that point or at least thats been my experience as I have tried to do the 100`s of hours of burnin to bring myself to like a head^phone only to sell them months later for a pittance of what I paid.

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You gotta burn in at least some so the voices don't keep repeating that you aren't hearing the headphone at its best.

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Using the Purist Audio Design System Enhancer to burn in and seeing improvement for a new pair of AKG K550 after a couple cycles.  It is supposed to speed burn in for all components in the system, including cables, etc.  Others have similar products (Cardas, Isotek) but haven't tried them - would welcome any feedback on those guys.  

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Here is a website that have white, pink and brown noise http://www.simplynoise.com/

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There's another app (Free) called "Burner LR".... Allows you to control the sweep speed. Love it.

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I didn't read this whole post, but I don't see people talking about break-in at all. If the pads on my headphones fit better because they are used a little and less stiff, like on my K701's that were very stiff right out of the box, will they not fit more snug and stop sound from leaking out with some break-in? (I guess with some equipment this makes more sense than with electronics. I'm currently waiting for a DAC to come, a W4S micro dac. It will be interesting will see if I can make any sense of this debate with a right out of the box listen.) I say with headphones at least, that wearing them on your head during burn-in will help with overall sound, as they will hopefully form to your individual head size and shape.

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