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Burn In

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Hi There!


I found a burn in App for my Ipod, and I have a new set of Klipsch S4I's and a set of RE0's (Thought I'd try both and decide which was a better upgrade than my CX500 Sens.


The app offers white, pink noise, quick sweep, quick pulsing sweep etc etc etc, but I am not sure how long to run each found for? I have the sound at just above what I would consider comfortable to listen to myself.

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I have compared burn in using white noise, low frequency sweep, pop/orchestral music, there is no difference in burn-in speed. I found 800-1000 hours is sufficient, at least 600 hours (that's when the dynamics come out). Most people would say under 200 hours, I guess the best is for you check every 25 or 50 hours, you are done when you can't tell a difference.

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I had heard there was supposed to be a point at which you shouldn't burn in for a sustained number of hours? Something like 2 hours then a break or something? 41 days of burn in seems quite a lot. 



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I build in a 10 minute break every hour in my burnin files. Personally I like the inclusion of brown noise in my mixes as this helps flesh out the bass and ensure they are as well rounded as they can be. Treble is the longest and most subtle part to change in most cases.
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And would you cycle through say 1 hour of each with a 10 minute break in between? Does anyone have the files all nicely zipped up with the breaks built in somewhere I could download? I am using the sonic ipod app and it's got all the sound, but no ability to cycle through them or build in intervals. 


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i would also like the files zipped up, would be nice to have.
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Take a look at my signature, it contains links to my files.

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Originally Posted by dweaver View Post

Take a look at my signature, it contains links to my files.

They're coming up as broken links for me. I thought I'd try one with with the gr07s I have coming.


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Ahhh I didn't realize that. I will see if I can get a new provider set up.

I am here:,-114.060125
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yes, i couldnt get them to work either. Zipped file with breaks would be nice, so i could just stick it on my iPod
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Uhm this thread has gone to weird places. I am a complete believer in burn-in, it makes sense, but some stuff that has been said here is just ridiculous...

  1. Burn-in is just getting the membrane "used" to vibrations. You don't need frequency sweeps or noise in all the colors of the rainbow... Well it won't hurt of course, but it won't do much. The truth is, if you only use white noise you are sure to get the best possible result. Frequency sweeps also vibrate in all pure harmonic frequencies, but one at a time. And in any case, if you force a membrane to sustain a vibration is any audible frequency, you will get the same result. Somehow the idea that if you use certain frequencies to burn-in, the driver will only be burnt-in for those frequencies got around. It's just a vibration. Of course a higher frequency has more energy, and thus would be more efficient in burning-in, but to all the frequencies, not just to that one. And after 24 hours of burn-in the membrane will be in the same state regardless of whatever frequency you used, sine by that point the maximum recommendable relaxing of the membrane will surely have been reached. A good example: take a plastic bag. Now ask your buddy to hold one end and you vibrate the other at the same frequency for 24 hours (let's imagine you can hold on to 500Hz with 10-minute breaks every hour). It will get a bit relaxed, as in, the plastic will be easier to wrinkle. Now try this with an identical bag, but on a higher frequency - let's say 2000Hz for 24 hours (poor you). In the end, examine both bags. If none of them teared up, is there any difference? No. They have reached the same state of relaxing, and any more would probably result in damage (tearing up).
  2. You don't need 1000 hours of burn-in. You just don't, since by that point, as explained above, it will be in the same state. I promise you, if you can ever find a difference between a headphone with 1000 hours of your choice of burn-in files and another one with the same burn-in, but just a miserable 200 hours, in a blind test, you can have my account and every headphone/amp/source I own.


It's stuff like this that makes people make fun of burn-in and calling it a myth. I now laugh at the joke that if you don't use .wav files for burn-in it won't work as well, since I do know people like that...

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I just use normal music to burn in my headphones.  I normally just put an old iPod Touch on shuffle and let it play through until I can't hear change in the headphones anymore,  This can range from 50-200 hours.

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Here's a nice link to DL such files:

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1000 hours = 6 weeks of continuous play. You going to quit music altogether? tongue.gif


Burn-in should be normal listening

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Originally Posted by jarrett View Post

1000 hours = 6 weeks of continuous play. You going to quit music altogether? tongue.gif


Burn-in should be normal listening

To see if you like the signature or not, I do agree that 1000 hours is overkill...  After about 100 hours, you'll be really close to the final signature and, more importantly, know the specific attributes to the headphones.  I do burn in using music (that I normally listen to at the same volume level I listen at).  However, I do believe that it doesn't matter what audio file is used to do the burn in, so it doesn't need to be normal listening sounds (sweeps, etc, are fine, as long as the driver is moving, that's all that should matter theoretically).

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