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500€ Budget: Custom or Universals ?

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Hello people,


iam checkin various reviews and equal topics for quite some time now and cant really decide on my next step.

As the title says iam kinda lookin forward to buy some new IEMs while having a budget of 500€(+100max)


Products that caught my interest are Customs from 1964ears Quads and the UM Mage. Yet iam not to keen on ordering something

like customs out of europe when they maybe need refits also iam not to sure how much taxes ill have to pay (living in Germany).

(i heard that Unique Melody UK is opening soon what so ever) I also looked at JH5 and UE4 but ppl are complaining about SQ and soundstage.


Universals that seems to be appealing are the Audio Technica CK-10 and the Vsonic GR07 which kinda getting hyped alot.


Iam listening mostly to indie folk/post punk/post hardcore/rock/instrumental/classic and sometimes some ambient to relax. The future IEMs would be used with a rockboxed Sansa Clip+ and FiiO E11 mobile amp and big flac library while the source gear will prolly replaced with a ipod classic imod asoon i gathered more funds :)


I even actually finished the first step to customs today with getting my earimpressions done , the local audiologist told me that i was the first ever who actually wanted impressions like this ... i went their with a printed info pdf from ultimate ears , he asked me if he could keep it in exchange i would safe 30euros for the impressions ;)


Pic of the impressions:




so my questions are:


1. Should i go for customs while having such a limit on the budget ? Considering having the risks of international orders , taxes , custom control related problems

If so, which ?


2. In case you answered 1# with no , which universals would work with my music preferences ?


3. Are the earimpressions done right , since i was his first victim (ears even hurt after) ?




hope my english isnt too bad


thanks in advance :)

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Ear impressions look pretty good sir.


As long as you took them open mouth with a bite block, then all is well :)

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He told me to make a chewing movement but there was no biteblock :<

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We don't usually recommend it but people have used this technique and it has yielded no fit issues.


We have a fairly low re-fit rate when bite blocks are used.


The Unique Melody Global/UK promo kicks off in about 8 hours...its about the cheapest you'll ever get a UM custom :) 


Open to all of Europe...might be able to save yourself some coin.



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This was posted somewhere else, thought it may interest you.



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thanks alot , iam not too happy about the promo tbh ....


"We are offering, for 25 lucky people, a discount of 20% on Unique Melody custom in ear monitors"


thats more like a raffle than a promo

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