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Best Bass - 60 Dollars or less

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Alright Head-Fi, I'm new here, and come with one simple request. Nowhere else seems to know anything about anything. I'm looking for the BEST bass in a headphone I can find - For under 60 dollars. While I have many nice pairs of headphones, I have a craving for a pair with supreme bass. Being a basshead, I enjoy my current headphones, but they just don't put out the bass I crave.

I know someone out these must have a good recommendation. I want to hear the bass, as well as FEEL it.

Maybe I'm just dreaming that a pair like this exists for this cheap. But it's worth a shot.

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Sony XB700. Depending on where you live they might be a little over 60, but you should be able to get one for about that price.

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Get a pair of skullcandy skullcrushers.  You'll most certainly feel your 'bass.' wink_face.gif

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Could you tell us what your current pair is? So we have a point of reference?

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Oh god please don't get skullcrushers they sound like complete and utter ish even from a bassheads standpoint, they only have ~160hz or so bass, nothing higher nothing lower. 

I'd definently without a doubt say XB500 $50 for refurbished on amazon or XB700, dont get the XB300 though.

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check this post, I made on a thread on this same page about this same subject.



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Brainwavz M2 is a fair choice, but its an IEM.

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Originally Posted by TMRaven View Post

Get a pair of skullcandy skullcrushers.  You'll most certainly feel your 'bass.' wink_face.gif

They are fun for 2 minutes. Sound quality is trash but they are fun for 2 minutes on your head.


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Please learn to read just more than the words.  :/

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Sure. Try out a Panasonic HTF600-S.. take a read on my thread and read Malveaux review. A $30 headphone that sounds like a $150-$200 one. http://www.head-fi.org/t/571005/the-panasonic-rp-htf600-s-headphones-more-fun-than-the-hd650/360#post_7804435   Go to the beginning of the thread for the reviews and a nice open box vid.


There are guys on this thread that purchased this phone and are owners of HD650..Ultrasone Pro900s.. Beats Pro... They all love this headphone. It is the same phone that is on my signature..Try it out. They will surprise you like you won't believe..In fact..Everyone on this thread should try one.  They just might become one of your favorites.

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XB500 would probably be the best shot if you both want to hear and feel it (these got the ability to provide an ear-tickling effect from very deep bass). Panasonics pack a decent amount of punch but it doesn't extend quite as well and is overall a bit weaker in the whole bassrange. The XB500 EASILY outputs 20Hz bass tones with pretty much same authority as say 50Hz (it seems it's as low as 10~13Hz(!) or something where it starts rolling off), while Panasonics starts to roll off 30Hz downwards or so. XB500 even suprised me that come from a very spoilt basshead background being used to 5.1 sets before I got into headphones at the ability they have to produce bass you feel, it's like an earthquake inside your head at heavy bass songs and due to the superb bass extension you can even feel the bass in the bass drops that goes from like 100Hz down to 0Hz like 1-2 secs after you stop hearing it...

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