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Steve Jobs Has Died!

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It has just been reported that Steve Jobs has died. What a tragedy, fifty-six years old. RIP Steve, thanks for everything!


The epitaph below is posted at Apple...thanks Currawong...

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May his legacy live on.
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Goodbye Steve. frown.gif

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R.I.P. Jobsy.

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Sad day RIP

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Wow, this is sad.

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Indeed, Apple will not be the same
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I feel bad, he innovated the industry he created things no one else ever would have. You might not have agreed with him or liked apple but non the less he changed things. You might even say that he made headphones popular again for making a popular mp3 player and starting the mobile music industry.

RIP you will be missed.
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It's visionaries like Jobs who bring us constant inovations in A/V equipment


Men like Jobs are the lifeblood of hobbyists like ourselves




Steve , if a stairway to Heaven is possible, you will build it

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May him rest in peace..

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RIP to a true visionary.  He brought tremendous success to Apple and I have a feeling that Apple will still continue and be extremely successful, maybe even at a faster rate of growth now.  Software like Flash may finally come to the iOS devices.

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