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The speakers are there to troll people on restaurants, transportation systems and the such. So  they need to be of really low quality for full effect.



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oqvist is awesome.

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I get what you are saying Brooko and to my understanding a lot of people would agree with you. As for me sounding like an idiot and not even bothering to read through my first post / just being an overall idiot I'm sorry. I get that no one uses te speakers for music in an iPod but that is because they suck, I've seen people try and someone else will just straight up tell them, "Its not gonna work iPod speakers suck." Or they will be screwing with a soundboard and it's not load enough! My brother used to use his iPhone 3GS as a portable speaker system that kind of sucked but he absolutely dreaded the idea of having to use anything bigger than that, eventually the speakers broke simply because they sucked. There is also the HTC Surround which was a phone made to have BIG SOUND. Also there is an entire market devoted to portable speakers for the DAP such as that gel speaker thing, Rock It!, and those little pop up speakers I see all too often.
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No problem - and don't be too hard on yourself - it's not idiotic to have an opinion wink.gif


I just think in this case that if you want to start a crusade - you're picking on the wrong product/vehicle.  iPod is what it is, and it's not specifically targeted toward the audiophile market.  The bonus for us is that for the most part, it's good enough to be part of that market - especially if you combine a LOD and the amp of your choice.


I'd love for you to be able to hear my Touch > PortaTube > HD600 combo ...... it really does speak volumes for what can be achieved with such  a mass produced device.

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i misunderstood his post. i thought he meant the headphone jack. it is ok and is what it is as said. however, the speaker? please dude. even if the entire phone was the speaker current technology would be hard pressed to get a good sound! i have very expensive pro-audio pcm recorders and the speaker sucks. it is sort of a physical impossibility afaik.

pretty much a speaker has to be at least the size of a shoebox(2 of them) to be "audiophile" equipment.



anyways,remember we would not have this thing if it were not for steve. it was a sad day.

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I realized where I wasn't clear in what I meant about the headphone jack and how it could be improved, I wasn't clear that I meant the EQ that comes out of the headphone jack. The EQ built into Apple products is literally damaging to speakers. I think that the EQ is pitiful and wish it could be better made, this could even just be a software update.

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For EQ, aren't there 3rd-party apps like EQu? Dunno if it's free or not, but it will run on the touchscreen iDevices. 


As for the built-in speakers, most folk I've seen only use them when they've got no other choice. The angle makes them impractical for watching a video or even playing a game. My suggestion is to just spend USD 20-40 on something like this: http://sg.store.xm-i.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=33

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Nice idea, but won't accomplish anything.


Sound quality never has and never will be a selling point for smartphones. There are so many things a smartphone needs to do, all in a tiny package. Why would they optimize that package for the infinitesimal fraction of the world's population who know and care about good digital sound? And why would those that care about sound buy such a compromised product? To you a smartphone may be a DAP that can make calls, but to the rest of the world it's a computer that can play music. I don't care if my phone sounds good nor would I want a phone that has been optimized as a DAP/DAC... that would add a lot to the cost and weight of the phone. Anybody wanna smartphone the size of the HM-801?

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Originally Posted by tvrboy View Post

Nice idea, but won't accomplish anything.


Sound quality never has and never will be a selling point for smartphones.



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IMHO Apple should just screw the speakers like it screwed DVD drives and use the extra space/moolah for a better DAC/amp section, see? perfect solution. Now everyone is forced to buy splitters, amps/ portable speakers ($$$) to share media around, GENIUS! Anyway, I don't share whatever is on my Iphone with others often :3

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i cant say i care that the iphone doesnt sound great, its a phone not a DAP.  if it does more than be a phone then clearly its a convergence device that will always be a combination of sacrifices.


to the op i say if you give a crap about audio quality then haw about not using your phone for it.  dont use what is by definition a compromise device an then bitch it doesnt do one of those jobs perfectly.  if you dont like it dont use it for that, no one made you buy it you know

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Having owned an iphone 4 briefly, I found the audio quality to be quite competent, better than most other non-Apple convergence devices. (Though admittedly I haven't tried many smartphones, but from what I've read, the iphone 4's sonics are agreed top tier)  Could it be better? Of course. Would I want Apple charging even more of a premium for the improvement?... Not sure.

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Originally Posted by tvrboy View Post

Nice idea, but won't accomplish anything. Sound quality never has and never will be a selling point for smartphones. 


Well, the Sony Walkman phones prioritise sound quality. And they succeed in the past.


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orginally I had the same thing as the rest of you guys. But seeing that Apple was innovative enough to jam the power of a massive SLR camera, into a smartphone, I thought they could cram a nice, dynamic speaker, into their phones, too.
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The Steve Jobs who founded Apple as an anarchic company promoting the message of freedom, whose first projects with Stephen Wozniak were pirate boxes and computers with open schematics, would be taken aback by the future that Apple is forging.


Today there is no tech company that looks more like the Big Brother from Apple’s iconic 1984 commercial than Apple itself, a testament to how quickly power can corrupt.

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