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The best thing about the AMPS I bought yesterday was how easy they were to take back to Best Buy for a refund. I own/have owned every in-ear from the Shure se425 to the Klipsch s4is right down to Skullcandy FMJs so I know how to fit, how to burn, and how to take'em or leave'em so please believe me, these are not right.


The fit options are just bad. The "Sound Engine" chamber is in a bad spot, a big chunk of plastic between the sound port and back of the bud is not comfortable. Oh and no specifics or details on anything related to how sound is reproduced. No website, christ my 14 year old has a web site. Lastly, "Sound Engine" is a cool name but what - is - it - man? Your lack of elaboration is not faith building. Get on it brother. I want to love them but at present time that is impossible, sorry.