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n00b advice (Ultrasone 900)

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First off, hello everyone.  I gotta admit, I'm just getting into this branch of the audio enthusiast world.....have a bit of experience with 2 channel though.  (Love my Eminent Tech's cool.gif)  How I've come to this arena though is because of my Roland TD-9 drum kit.  I really enjoy using headphones with it (and so does the rest of the household, lol)


So I'm pretty inexperienced in regards to comparative terms, so I know I'm going to have to take some leaps of faith as I learn my way around.  I started with Audio Technicas D40f's which some had recommended for drummers.....crap.  Couldn't believe they got any good reviews.  Moved up to ATH-50's, and they were much better.  I really wanted a bit better bass though.  Also, when paired with the drum module they weren't loud enough.  


So I bought a Digizoid and a cMoyBB to try.  In both cases, the Roland is overdriving the input.  They can be used, but only with a very gentle touch on the volume controls.  Even then the noise floor is unacceptable.  (Side note: I kinda like the Digizoid for other applications.  Size is great, and works well for what I think it's target market is)


Looking for stronger bass, I tried (and currently still have) the Sony XB700's.  These are interesting, especially given the price.  I like the added plump in the lowest octaves, but they are soft in impact and kick.  They do not even compare to the AT's for mids and highs, but I really didn't expect them to for this price.  I have not tried the new XB1000's, and while I'm sure they are a nice step up I don't have the impression that they will get me where I'm wanting to be.


....Now, after spending (waay too much) time reading, I think I'm leaning towards trying the Ultrasone 900's.  Or maybe Denon D2000, but from what I can tell I get the feeling the 900's might be more to my liking.  Another in the mix was the Beyer DT770's.  As you can tell, bass is a primary concern for me.  I want a lot, but I want it good.  And low.  Also, I want the capacity to play loud with that low bass, without farting all over itself.  


I am also amp shopping, and so far the short list are Leckerton, iBasso, and Practical Devices.  



Sorry for the long post, but I thought it might help with any of you who might offer any input or thoughts/preferences to the gear I've mentioned.  Or even throw in something I've missed.   Thanks in advance.

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XB500 or Panasonic RP-HTF600 on the Digizoid ZO will shake your face for cheap.

PRO900 if you want a ton of mid-bass (higher volume perceived) with some sub bass (lower volume perceived).

D2000 if you want flat bass so that the sub and mid bass volumes are essentially equal. Higher quality bass perception (my opinion).

D5000 if you want even more sub bass warmth.

Put Zo on any of those and it will be out of control with bass.


You'll be like:




Very best,

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This is exactly the type of info I'm looking for.  I had the impression that the 900's had an overall better low end than the D2000's.  I think I read somewhere that the D5000's can be had for under $400....if so, they would be in consideration.  I need to go look for them some more.


Yeah, the ZO is fun but it's lacking a bit of refinement.  I'm really leaning towards trying that Leckerton UHA-4.



Although I mentioned I'm using this with my drum kit, I'm finding that most of their use will be either with my laptop, or out of my phone (currently Nexus One)  Coming out of the Roland drum module, I'm thinking that I need to add a high quality resistor to attenuate (value depending on headphone choice)



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