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iPod Classic 160Gb+Fostex HP-P1 or HiFiman HM-801+GAME amp modular for HM-801 or Colorfly C4 Pro - Page 2

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I have the colorfly C4 and this not plastic wood


its real wood



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BUMP... wink.gif

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Question guys,


Just got the Fostex HP-P1 to pair with my *pretty old* iPod. My iPod says "80 GB" on the box... not "classic", so I presume mine is an even older version that pre-dates the classic.


here's my issue/question: when I hook up the Fostex I get digital audio out and I hear music using the Fostex's D/A... great. The issue is that the iPod interface becomes disabled and the screen just says something like "ok to disconnect" and I can't advance tracks or even pull up the menu to change play lists... it just "keeps playing" whatever playlist I had previously had selected but otherwise the iPod interface is disabled. Not exactly the dream-come-true scenario when I'm jogging.


So my question for you guys: is this also the situation with the newer iPods? Or if I get a new "classic", will I be able to have the iPod interface behave normally with the Fostex USB connected? Please advise... thanks!



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Apple official guide to identifying iPod models



It sounds like you have a 5.5G iPod. If yours is white and not silver colored, it's definitely a 5.5G. Check my link and make sure. It's OK, I've got one, too. It's not compatible with the Fostex HP-P1. I feel your pain. You'll need to get a new iDevice. Or sell that HP-P1 to me.


List of ALL released HP-P1 compatible iDevices (this is in the manual):


  • iPod Touch (2nd through 4th gen)
  • iPod Classic [that means 6th gen or later!]
  • iPod Nano (4th, 5th, and 6th gen)
  • iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3rd gen


Try using anything else and even if you can get some audio out it's really not working.

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Well, what are Christmas Bonuses for?


Just treated myself to an iPod classic (silver). Now I'm in absolute heaven... sumptuous, high-fidelity music *and* the ability to skip songs and playlists. Joy.


Listening right now on my (actually surprisingly decent) Sony earbuds.


WOW. I'm in awe of what this Fostex/iPod combo can do. Finally my years of compression all my music losslessly is paying off, and the thing I've been dreaming about for years... portable high-end d/a conversion/amplification for on-the-go listening is in the palm of my hand.


Ok folks, what's next? What headphones should I be considering to audition to really get the most out of this?


By the way on the earbuds I hear *obvious* differences between filter 1 and 2 on the d/a section. Filter 1 sounds a little brighter, a little more colorful with a tad more "bite", but also there's a sibilant edge to many female vocals... the usual "digital audio" sound many of us are used to. But filter 2, while slightly tamer and more laid-back (at first can sound a little less invigorating) really opens up with natural, non-fatiguing vocals that have no sibilance or "ring" and just sound smooth and silky. The difference is subtle, but obvious, and one that makes a difference with any listening session lasting longer than 5 minutes.


Ready for some headphone suggestions folks. Oh, and keep in mind I want to use the Fostex as the amp section... no need for suggesting high-end phones that need beefy desktop amplification (or another amp). Also, I'd like to jog with the headphones, so they need to be light enough to work with jogging (had a pair of Grado 80's which were ok for jogging IMO, if that gives you an idea of how big is probably at the upper limit).




dave :)

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Christmas bonus ? Dude, I consider the fact that I still have a job to be a Christmas bonus. If my boss came up to me and said 'Don't worry - I'm not laying anyone off in 2012', I would be doing handstands right down the main street. I dont know about your industry, but all the doom and gloom has consumers scared witless in Australia atm.



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I can attest to the "poorest build quality" part as an owner of RE-ZEROfrown.gif

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Hi there

I have the comb. Ipod touch 32 GB + Fostex HP-P1 + Shure SE535,conected with orig.Fostex Ipod - USB cable,the sound is NOT BAD AT ALL,but Why don't you try my old combination (COWON D3+Graham Slee Voyager +Shure SE 535),???

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Sorry for of topic (and keyboard that wont type 2x same leter together, WTF?) but its 2 questions, short n swet. Firstly, what exactly is that in your avatar photo? 2nd, How can I get one - like, yesterday?

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you like it?

its the autobots logo from Transformers animation/movie, personally i like decpticon logo, looks evil and tyrant 

awesome and most realistic graphics i have ever seen ( movie ) 

but anyway, here

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