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When editing a post it will not let me click inside of the box and get a cursor to edit text.  Sometimes it works perfect and other times it does not in which I must use google chrome for it to work right.  I have seen also that when I edit one of my posts the formatting does not display properly in the quick edit box (not sure if that is really a bug or not though). Thanks

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What version of Windows are your running, and what add-ons/toolbars/antivirus are you also running?

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Windows 7 Pro x64.  I am running AVG but I always strip my browser of all toolbars and add-ons besides java and flash.  Toolbars drive me crazy.  This is on my music/gaming rig so there are no viruses/spyware on this machine at all. 


Machine Specs

Core i7 980x

Gigabyte X58a-UD7

6GB DDR3 1800 cl8

GTX 480

1050w enermax revolution psu

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