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Thank you all, a lot of information to takke in, i am still learning about iEM's


I think i am getting an idea, i quite like the idea of the GR07's, they are not too expensive, i can always give them a go and try something else later.

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Originally Posted by mvw2 View Post
The fitment of the Triple.Fi 10 is a matter of tip choice as well as getting the memory wire shaped right to position it well.


For me, the strongest problem with the  TF10 was the trapped air in the ear canal. It's worth than with any other IEM I've tried. With silicone tips, just swallowing was enough pressure to plop them out. Surprisingly, even Complys wouldn't help me enough.

When I auditioned them (for three days), I really had to fix my jaw. Worst experience ever.


Luckily I preferred the FX700 anyway which does have an open back design and makes these kind of problems impossible.


When asking Google about this issue, I noticed it's also apparent with customs, so for now the W4 is my highest priced option. The PFE 232 will also have open back design so I fear I will have to consider it...

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Was it your first sealed design earphone?  Typically the foam tips help with this, but really it's just something you get used to.  Just having a good seal isn't exactly a "bad" thing, rather the opposite for most.  I will agree the feeling can be weird.  Frankly, IEMs are super weird at first for everyone.  They just feel unnatural, goofy, and irritating.  It takes a month or so just to get used to this type of format.  After some time they do become second nature though and you stop caring about them.  The physical irritation goes away as the ear gets used to it, and the pressure strangeness becomes more normal.  Things like tip choice and a loose versus tight seal will play their roles.  The open design as you found out can counter this issue, but they do not reduce noise nearly as much as a closed device.  For someone taking the train, bus, plain, etc., this can be a big compromise to weigh.


Some1, you should enjoy the GR07 pretty well.  They were designed to be equivalent to a studio monitor, so their balance is impeccable.  The frequency response is flat and presence is even throughout.  It's just an extremely well balanced earphone.  Now I don't know what you are coming from in terms of full-sized headphones, so I can't really comment on how big of a difference in sound they may be or how they are like or not like certain products you've used.  Just expect a really well balanced, analytical sound.  They will not forgive poor recordings much, and they will not be colored and exaggerated in any way.  Depending on what you are coming from, they may be a bit different or quite possibly similar in many ways.  Like you said, you can certainly give them a try and then decide where to go from there if they are not the great fit you hoped.  That's kind of the beauty of this hobby.  You can buy, try, and sell and really work through quite a selection of products till you find certain ones that really fit what you're looking for.  Buying used helps you minimize losses from purchase and resale as the price doesn't really fluctuate at all and is rather consistent over time.

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Well recently i have been using frankly some quite poor headphones, the JVC flats, but thats due to their price, i have been using Sony MDR-D77, which i love, but they are simply to valuable to use everyday now, and the size of headphones seems so impractical to me these days, i wish to have a much more compact solution to listening to music on the go, and desire the isolation IEM's can give me.


I am a musician and enjoy that ability to really hear and pick out everything from a recording warts and all, so the analytical sound, even though not necesserily what would be considered the most musical sound signature it is my preferred sound, i don't believe in EQ to correct a recording, i prefer to hear things as they were meant to be heard.


Thank you all for your responses and input, its really appreciated and i have learned a lot.


I found that the information provided and my research has left me thinking a cheap but good solution would probably be best.

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