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Ultrasone Pro 900 Alternatives

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Hi guys


Jebus I'm glad I found this site. Unfortunately I was told the beats by dre (pro) cans are the bees knees...after trying them out at best buy and being only semi-wowed by them and completely kicked in the magnets by the price point of these things...I decided to look elsewhere. I've been reading a lot, and have found some great info. 


I use DAW's, mostly Abeleton, and mostly for fun. I'm looking for something with great bass, but not all bass. I like electronic music, house, IDM (huge thievery corp fan) not a huge fan of dub step but would deff like some cans that can handle it when needed. I also really like singer/songwriter stuff and live jam music. 


Been reading up on the Ultrasone Pro 900 and they seem like a great fit for me. I may just take the hit and buy them. But are there any other slightly less expensive (maybe <$300) that someone could be so kind to rec for me? Kinda daunting, trying to find the right fit...


Thanks in advance...

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If you want to stay on the same brand, the HFI-580/DJ1 are cheaper but good sounding alternatives.  

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Check these:


Panasonic RP-HTF600. Don't laugh because of what it costs. Listen to it. Then change your pants.

Sony XB500

Denon D1100

Shure SRH750 DJ

Ultrasone HFI 580

BeyerDynamic DT770 PRO

Denon D2000


Very best,

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Denon AH-D2000
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Ultrasone 580 & 780 - nice, warmish sounding EDM cans with enough body and bass slam for my taste anyway.

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i am the same place as you but i am a huge fan of dubstep


i have tried the dj1 pros they dont have rumble but they do have impact almost the best bass i have ever heard

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Let me copy paste a fellow headfier that just bought a Panasonic HTF600-S. A Ultrasone Pro900 owner to be exact.


I've convinced 4-5 of my close friends to get these headphones.


I made each of them guess the price after listening to the Panasonic's. tongue.gif


All of them guessed significantly higher! $100? $150? $160? NOPE!


And to their surpise when they found out they only cost $30... Total shock and awe!


Sadly, the price has jumped to around $40 including shipping fees.



My cousin sat down and compared the Panasonic RP-HTF600-S to my Ultrasone Pro 900.


He definitely had the WTF?! facial expression on! Comparing the prices between the two headphones, he told me to sell the Pro 900s ASAP... 


MalVeauX is not kidding about these and I am neither.. You should try one.. I have the DJ1s. Let me just say. I listen to these way more now a days.


Oh wait I have another one for you. A Pro beats owner that just bought one.

So I've had my htf-600's for a few days now.

WARNING! - First review


Originally, I purchased the Beats by Dre Pro headphones (steep discount from employee). Needless to say, the Beats Pro have really thumping bass. However, the mids in the Pros felt lacking, and when turned up (un amped) I feel like the Pros have some distortion to them.


In comparison, my 600's felt a little dull at first. Nice sound stage, and great quality. After a few hours of usage, the bass came out to talk for a bit (so to speak). I then threw my Fiio E6 amp on them....Holy Hell.


It's like listening to 2 different headphones. The bass hits hard (shakes the cans) and it's very satisfying (fun sound). Sound quality (imo) is better than the Pro's. Thanks for getting me to notice these! Great deal for quality headphones.



My one gripe, is sound leakage! The Pro's could be cranked up 100% and no one within a foot of me would hear them, however these 600's seem to be heard across a room at ~60-75% volume. Would anyone suggest changing these pads to the M50 pads? Would that help any with the seal? Is it more comfortable?


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