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They got back to me after they received my headphones on Wednesday and I had to prod them yesterday for an answer. Apparently my headphones were left in the shipping area and were not sent to the repair department, so they finally did that and now I'm 2-3 weeks out for a repair. Really frustrating that they keep forgetting about me. 2-3 days for an answer and no communication after they received my broken headphones is really disappointing to me.

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Underneath the Audeze sticker.

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Ugh, I just feel like whining about this to people who will understand my plight. I moved to a new place and after unboxing our stuff days after we moved, I realized my headphone box is missing. Don't know what happened but I suspect the movers stole them. I'm really sad. :( I don't want other headphones!


I certainly grew attached to them more than anything else I own. I feel like I just broke up with someone. I'm sad. 

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That blows. Hopefully it turns up and it wasn't actually stolen.


I would have to think long and hard about this if you're actually interested, but I haven't used mine in a few months and I have 30 hours on em tops. I might (emphasis on "might") be willing to sell them in the event that you're interested in buying them. An AK Jr. would be more useful to me these days I think

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