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JVC HARX900 - Where's the bass?

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After reading review after review of praise for these headphones, I decided to buy them. Couldn't beat the price! But now that I have them.. Where is the bass? I've allowed them a 24-hour burn-in time. Now, I realize this isn't quite enough for their full potential, but I thought at 24 I could at least feel something.

These are my first pair of full-size, over-the-ear headphones. Very bulky and large, but I was hoping for a very strong bass, and great sound. They sound good, but I am getting very little bass. I swear, my IEB's are getting better bass than these things!

I read many good things about these, and most of them focused around the bass. Some users even complained about too much bass! I thought this would be perfect for me - a basshead.

I am currently very disappointed in these, and even considering sending them back. I listen to heavy bass music, and all of my music is 320 kbps.

Now, I do not own a headphone amp. Would one of these increase my bass output by..a LOT?

My current plan is to let these burn-in a little longer, and look into solutions. Did I make the wrong choice in headphones? Can someone recommend me a better pair? I need THUMPING bass.

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Return them.


Get these. Add these.


It'll make you:




Very best,

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I might just do that. How is the bass on those? I'm quite a basshead, and without a large booming bass I get disappointed in the headphone. These JVC are currently just one VERY large disappointment. Despite the fact they are GIANT.

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Originally Posted by Lolzmao View Post

I might just do that. How is the bass on those? I'm quite a basshead, and without a large booming bass I get disappointed in the headphone. These JVC are currently just one VERY large disappointment. Despite the fact they are GIANT.

There's a review in my sig. Click it.


Very best,


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The Panasonics are so good it makes me a little mad.


The HARX900 is a nicer package but the sound is dark and veiled.....it does reveal some low level detail and the bass does improve but mine didn't start sounding real good until the 120+ hour mark. The HARX700 are actually a better bet for the HARX series.


I do not feel that the HARX900 are bass cannons as some pointed out. I don't find them bassy one bit.


Actually the HARX700 has almost as much bass and of course more balanced and not as veiled.


I'm listening to the RPHTF600 right now and it's a very nice.


If someone told me these are where $200+ headphones I wouldn't say they were crazy.....


I don't have as much experience with headphones as Malveax.....he has an impressive arsenal.... but I do know good sound when I hear it.

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Listen to Malveaux's recommend. HTF600-s are astounding for money spent.. I will add to the recommend. As well. you can read more about them here.. http://www.head-fi.org/t/571005/the-panasonic-rp-htf600-s-headphones-more-fun-than-the-hd650/360#post_7804435.. See its not just Malveaux and myself any more..Assimilator702 is a believer as well..

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Mal Dsnuts you made the price on the panasonics go up pretty soon theyre gonna be, how can I put this... retail frown.gif

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Well they are hovering around $40 now but. $40 for this phone? That aint a thang man not a thang. When they sound as good as they do even at a bloated price of $40?.. They sound like X5 that price. That is the bottom line.

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I will back up the Panasonic HTF600s.  The bass is booming...and the sub bass is amazing.  For 30-40 bucks, not bad at all.  I feel the vibrations from the bass.  From a budget headphone, using Pandora One on a laptop with an average sound card, no amp.  

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If you were to roll up a napkin and tuck it under the ear pads on the HARX900 the bass will surely make it's presence known ;). This way you get oodles of impact and it's not muddy.


Also if you did the damping mod you could also add some napkins or paper towel under the pads. It makes a world of difference.

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I just got these headphones today. My last set of phones was the XB500. I wanted a little less bass, but this is pretty bad...there is hardly any bass on HARX-900. It's a bit clearler on the vocals, and there's a bigger sound stage, and is better built and higher quality materials but that's about the only thing it has going for it, as it has worse isolation, worse bass, and the music sounds worse on the whole.

I was trying to upgrade. So much for that.

Edit: Played around with it a bit more. Its a decent phone once you EQ it. But I feel like you shouldn't have to EQ a headphone or its broken already.
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This thread is proof that a review does not tell the whole story. If you have a good ear, trying cans is a must. Last Saturday, I spent 1 hour testing cans before I purchased my D2000. If I were to listen to all the Shure, Grado, AKG and Senn recommendations I see everywhere,  up to 500 dollars, I would have never bought the D2000. You go to the shop, you listen to a wide range of cans and you get the one that has the sound you like. 



Amongst the ones I tried were the HARX you bought. I saw so many good things about them so I am the type of guy who does not believe until he tries. So yeah, I don't know where the bass was in these HARX but not in my ear. I also tried the HTF600 and I was not impressed. In my testing session, I looked at cans from 30 pounds to 1400 pounds (HD800). 



Bottom line, reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. Many even use incorrect settings when they are testing.  

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