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I'm looking for a set of open travel headphones to replace the old Koss Porta-Pro and Sennheiser PX100s that have done long duty as my travel partners.  Both are starting to make that crackle from time to time that says the cable is failing.


Have long enjoyed Etymotic in-ear headphones - three different types - as my isolation travel headphones and don't-want-to-hear-the-lawnmower headphones, but I'm not really fond of the in-ear feel, particularly for hours of listening, never really comfortable for me.  Also, while the isolation is nice on an airplane or noisy hotel room, it's not so nice when I actually need to be able to react to what's going on around me.


Recently I got a set of Ultrasone 780, and love the sound.  Musical, not tiring to listen to.  I've had various Sennheiser models over the years for home listening, and none of them ever made me want to listen to them the way the 780s do.  They're comfortable enough to listen to for a long time - but big, closed back...


I got a set of AKG 460s as a gift, and I'm reasonably impressed by their sound.  Don't like them as much as the 780s, but wouldn't expect I would.  Fold up nice and small for travel, giving me an easy to carry alternative to the Ety's.  Not so impressed by the closed back, which isn't closed enough to really isolate me from the world around me... but is enough to make me miss gate change announcements. I feel like the 460s are going to live as my closed travel headphones, they just need an open partner.


I got a set of Ultrasone 15-G on sale, based on some online reviews, and I really love the way they sound.  Way better than what I expected, a similar life and musicality to the 780s.  I actually like them more than the 460s.  But - can't fold them, and they feel very breakable.


If I could find something easier to pack and carry, with a character like the 15-G, I'd be set.  Any ideas?  Any open smallish easy to transport headphones that punch above their class?