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Mitone Noise Cancelling headphones (MIT-NC100)

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Has anyone heard of these before?  I've recently noticed them selling this in Amsterdam (Schiphol) airport and I was curious, as they are pretty reasonably priced.

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I bought these headphones from OR Tambo Duty Free in Johannesburg South Africa, they were $99, and although I was not familiar with Mitone, with a 14hr flight ahead of me they where not going to make the flight any worse than I was already anticipating it would be.


The over ear design, although not an El-Grande design is adequate for most ears I would imagine, the cavity is 57mm x 34mm and is angled slightly backward so fits well, my ears did get a little warm however as the pleather covering does not breath as real leather would. This does limit the period you can use them continuously as the heat irritates the ears and I found I could not wear them without the discomfort similar to the throbbing you would experience 10 or 15mins after rubbing your ears vigorously, obviously this is just dilated capillaries and increased blood flow as the body tries to cool the ears down.


I wore the headphones continuously for an 8hr flight and additionally for 10hrs of a 14hr flight with about 2hrs between each flight. My ears where only irritated after the 10hrs of the second flight. The bridge adjusts well and the earpiece and headrest are quite rigid and firm allowing a tight seal around the ear, as well as reducing the pressure exerted on the top of my head by the bridge. There is a well padded cushion covered in pleather again that provides further comfort for the head and fits well under the bridge.


Noise Cancellation performance.

Well let me explain it this way. With them off there is no doubt you are cruising at 30 000 ft in a Jet Air Liner. The sound level on my Android App measured between 79db-88db during the flight, comparable to being a passenger in a car traveling at 100km/h on highway.


The effect Turning the headphone NC Feature on had to the perceived DB was incredible. It is actually a very odd sensation. As the headphones produce negative sound waves to cancel out what background frequencies they can the background slowly fades, some sounds disappear totally. It is as if you are turning down the volumes of each independent sound source. The audible volume reduction I experienced was like suddenly slowing from 100km/h on rough tar to 80km/h while transitioning to far smoother tar as well.


It is remarkable.


Sound produced by the speakers ranges from 8 - 22000hz and with the noise reduction the audio is crisp, clean with full rounded notes and punchy bass. Vocals are clear and un distorted at high volumes during action movies or music. No speaker rattle or distortion at all when using my IPod or S4 to play mp3's. A SoundBlaster Xfi card in my Desktop PC playing at maximum volume did reach the limits of the speaker drivers and distortion of extremely low frequency bass was noted. Higher frequency sounds remained clean and crisp though.


These are excellent headphones for their price, they easily outperform my Logitech G35 and Razer Kraken Pro in Audio Quality and Clarity, they don't quite have the Deep Bass Kick of the Krakens or Beats By Dre Pro but definitely will not disappoint the listener.


The price vs performance of these headphones is unmatched in my opinion.

Bose, Sony, JVC all have Noise Cancelling models but at a $250 to $300 your pocket will be the only real differentiator compared to the Mitone MIT-NC100's at 99$


Rating - 89%



-Incredible value for money

-Noise Cancelation


-Synthetic Leather material leads to heat build-up and will cause sweating.



* Noise Cancelling headphones

* Active noise reduction of up to 90% of ambient background environment noise
* Fantastic sound with Deep Rich Bass and Crisp Clean Vocals

* High Comfort Over Ear Design
* Driver frequency response 8-22,000hz
* Foldable for easy traveling
* Includes travel pouch and airplane adapter

* High Quality Tangle Free flat cable
* Single AAA battery required for Noise Cancelation (included)

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I agree 100% with Xen0ZA's review. My pair were purchased at Amsterdam Schiphol in August 2012, prior to an 11 hour flight to Seattle. I was really just passing the time between flights in the electronics shop, and happened to notice a pair of these on display with the minijack hanging loose. Always curious to try anything new, I plugged them into my iPhone and was immediately blown away by the sound of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones; I could hear more high end detail than ever before, and Victor Wooten's bass was truly bottomless. Throughout that flight they never left my ears; I skipped the movie and rediscovered my entire music collection, and even enjoyed a peaceful sleep wearing them.


20 months later, I am still relishing their sound quality on every type of music; I never travel without them, but more than this they are my 'phones of choice for all sound recording work because of their comfort, accuracy, and untiring sound. And by the way I have access to various Beyer and Sennheiser models in the studio. Battery life is extraordinary - I have only had to change the AAA battery twice in spite of constant use. They do have a passive mode, so are not totally useless when the battery runs out although as noted performance drops off. My only complaint about them is that the headband ratchet could be more robust, my right hand ear piece now being held in position by insulating tape. What would you expect for 99 euros?


Interestingly, I flew back from the States in American Airlines Business Class last month so was able to compare the Mitones with Bose Quiet Comfort. I have to say that the Bose were equally comfortable and provided slightly better noise cancellation. However the Mitones won hands down for sound quality, music sounding much more natural, movie dialogue clearer and movie sound effects more powerful. Also last month I passed through Schiphol Airport again and purchased the latest version for my Sound Engineer son. They look the same, but I notice that the sound has been subtly improved, while the price remains 99 euros - a no-brainer for any traveller who takes sound seriously.

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I have a similar pair and overall my experience is very satisfying in regards to sound quality and noise cancellation. I have been looking for a way to add a control talk cable to this headset and i can't seem to find one. 

I often change my mobile handsets, so a cable that gives me atleast one button (take call, disconnect call), if not volume controls.

Any suggestions

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