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Hi Headfi, I have purchased the sennheiser hd598 and also purchased the udac2 and see little difference in the sound quality. I fed the udac 2 into my desktop via usb(my desktop just uses realtek onboard audio) and I don't notice enough difference in the sound to justify the $100 that the udac 2 costs. In the past I had a Hifiman ef2a and I really liked the sound of tubes. I read on Headfi that the Little Dot Mark 2 is a really good sounding inexpensive tube amp. So I was wondering if I do away with the udac 2 and just put the little dot mk 2 into my desktop, would it be the best possible sound I can get for $200; because I found a mk 2 on ebay for around $200.


Would the better option be to just get a less expensive amp and get a dac?