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it just seems like everyone is praising the RB'd 5g as the ultimate ipod... I find it had bloated bass.. thought maybe people were insinuating that the RB'd version somehow fixed that and it sounded better... sorry if I misunderstood... moving on..

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Many people like RB'd iPods because they have a better eq, crossfeed, and most importantly, they support FLAC.

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How is the camera on the Iphone 4S can you take sharp images of say an A4 with some zoom and get it perfectly readable?

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Any relation between poor sound quality and lower impendance with the iPhone 4s?
I see some some pretty variable opinions about the 4s sound quality, and usually the poor ones come from low impendace IEMs, at around 16 ohm. Such as the Sennheiser IE80 and the Earsonics SM3.

I'm asking that because it I've had some pretty "meh" experience with the 4s and the Earsonics SM3 v1, which sounds stunning on my Sansa Clip.
I've seen guys with JH13 and other IEMs saying the 4s sound really great, but thats definitely not what I'm getting.
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i just got my iphone 5 and using the BBE max pro apps with senheiser hd238 make this a good portable source.

Surprisingly even the stock earbud is good! mid and high is there and what is more surprisingly the bass is present and can play low freq bass surprisingly well. The only down side is the iphone earbud cannot fit my ear properly. It keep falling down if u move a lot.

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For all using iPhone 4s as a source, do you have additional phone or do you bring portable charger with you ?


Battery runs out quick when I use it to commute. 

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Does the iphone 4s support the 24bit Alac format? Or does ios downsample it? I'm trying to find this information out. I assume itunes itself can play the files. I'm new to all this high res music. I'm probably going to upgrade to the iphone 5s, I assume this will have no problems playing the files. I skipped the iphone 5 so have no idea if this [phone is able to play high res files without downsampling. Hopefully someone with an iphone 4s or even 5 will be able to tell me.

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