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The iQube V3 sales and delivery will start as of the 20th of October.


For Head Fi members we have an initial pre-order period in which we offer a free of charge iPod-mini Silvercab Pro LOD, value 85euros!

The pre-order period will start as of today and will end the 20th of October.

EU shipping & order charges come extra and is 14 euro for local EU and 34 for international. (regular/local mail track&trace/insured)

This offer is only valid for regions were we do not have a local distributors.

For entering the pre order please pay before the 20th the appropriate amount into, reference: pre order V3, your head fi nick name and ship-to address.
EU: 589 euro
International (non EU) 517 euro

Units will ship on a first come first served base as of the 20th of October.

The pre-order discount is NOT valid for Japan of the US!

The local distributors have own arrangements , please contact the local dealer:

Timelord Ltd, Hiroko Kuroki,

Moon-Audio, Drew Baird


Thanks and happy listening!


The Qables team

Erik and Hans.