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Which brand was it? Some screen protector brands are good, like Spigen, and you might want to look at glass ones too.
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I have the Tech 21 case and screen protector on my M8 - looks and feels great in the hand, with secure protection and no bubbles and crystal clear screen etc.
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Originally Posted by razor5cl View Post

Which brand was it? Some screen protector brands are good, like Spigen, and you might want to look at glass ones too.

Not sure what brand it was. But it was quite thick. Might have to look into the glass protectors.
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I bought the tempered glass screen protector and several cases to replace the wallet case...the wallet case looked OK for the Iphone 4....but on the N5 it was fundametally a purse...not a wallet.


Soooo, when I started a new job, I got off the train, on the way home.  I now need to catch a bus to get home.  In the morning I got a lift from my room mate to the train station.  Having not caught public transport in over a decade, I have no idea which bus, where or when.


There is this app called trip view for Sydney public transport confuses me severely (I am very tired and brain does not really function correctly).


In desperation...wanting to get home but not sure how, I say 'OK Google'....'take me home'.


I could not believe told me where to go...via google maps, which bus and that the bus would be there in five knew where I even knows where I work.


Mind is seriously blown.  This is the 21st freakin century man!  I am livin in the future!


Today I am proud to be Australian....the new generation of young Aussies make me proud.  Google has been the enabler of many things and I hope the power balance moves away from traditional old geezer corporations to this new generation of better, younger awesomeness!


Until they the Google bots turn on us...I still believe they will!

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Last night, I switched from Delvik to ART. Am I just crazy to think music over Bluetooth sounds worlds better now?

Listening with Jaybird BluebudsX and have GPM set to highest quality.
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Do you have Xposed installed? If you do then Dalvik is default and switching to ART does nothing, and you indeed are crazy.
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I don't have Xposed installed. I know that it won't work with ART, but I've experienced a battery life increase through out the day.

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