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It should be pretty easy to talk to aokp/cm dev teams and get them to integrate a USB dac functionality into at least the galaxy nexus...
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Good info, thanks.


I've got the new Meizu MX quad core coming soon, for review over at InnerFidelity. They advertise as having SPDIF out, and are in process of making the cable. I guess it goes through their multi-purpose micro-USB output rather than having a dedicated jack. We'll see how well it does. 

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Originally Posted by ninjikiran View Post

Thisi s great but tbh as a portable music device still leaves alot to be desired.  I am switching to the Lumia 900 as my phone when it comes to t-mobile this summer.


I'm getting one tomorrow.  beerchug.gif Shooting for the matte black one. The white one would be my second choice.

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Still using my trusty 'ol HD2. This phone is boss. Currently running a CM9 based ICS ROM with fancy resizing options. 
Ubermusic as music player;

Will probably get the galaxy note 2 when it comes out, if it has a good DAC, or might wait for the SGS4, no rush.
I only got 16 GBs of space though, but that's a non-issue considering my files arent lossless (And why should they, the HD2 has a bad DAC)

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Rekindled my appreciation for Android fone recently.  I had a Nexus one running an older Cyanogenmod build which was feeling a bit dated, so I bought a gently used HTC Sensation off of Craigslist for $185 (smoking deal I believe).  I was able to ebay the n1 for $120ish on ebay so it wasn't even that bad out of pocket expense. 


I spent several hours unlocking and rooting the Sensation and have it now running ARHD with bricked kernel and an aftermarket Anker battery.  So far so good, it's lasting me basically 2+ days for casual use on a single charge!


I am using WinAmp which allows me to wirelessly send music from my PC to the phone (it converts FLAC to AAC in the process).  I'm not too thrilled about the speed or reliability of said transfers but do you guys have any audio app or tweak recommendations aside from what I'm currently using?  I don't mind the AAC files actually as they are substantially smaller in size than FLAC and the phone is mostly used as my car's aux. source via miniplug or backup headphone source if I am stranded so it's not expected to be a high-end source or anything.

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Originally Posted by Mr.Sneis View Post

 do you guys have any audio app or tweak recommendations aside from what I'm currently using? 


If you want the wireless sync thing over SQ, you could get Spotify installed on your computer and phone. If you want to go with SQ over sync, get Poweramp. You'll just transfer songs with an SD card/USB cable, but, Poweramp does support FLAC and has a bunch of customization options. Get a 32GB micro SD card, and you're good to go.

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I actually used PowerAmp previously on the n1, maybe i will have to give the updated version a go.  I totally missed out on the $49.99 64gb microSD deal last week and kicking myself now that I didn't go for it; currently w/ 32gb but with full on flac files that will go quick.

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Originally Posted by Techno Kid View Post

What the best player you can use on an Android also a good EQ?

Power amp has a good Graphic EQ some swore Neutron sounds better it has a Parametric EQ fewer bands much more flexible.  I'm trying to decide if one is better or ifts just the EQ settigns.


Power amp is better interface easier to use for sure.



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doesn't Neutron over sample everything to 32 bit?  In the past something about that sound has bothered me in the Sabre dacs.. Not saying it wasn't a placebo effect, though. Just felt edgy.  Never felt that with 24 bit.  This is just me and I'm not trying to say it is objective. 

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In my previous post I was trying to decide what I like better then I grabbed my Clip+/E6 combo and I realized I like that a lot better then ether of them.


I just ordered a E11to use with my Samsung G-Nexus may be a waist of money unless Jelly Bean will let me use an external DAC then I need a E7 and that makes it all better IDK...

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I doubt its going to output at 32-bit, pretty sure thats just processing.  The dac in most phones are probably no greater than 16/48khz

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He guys, just saw this thread.

I use a Galaxy Note, and I couldn't be more happy with it. Awesome little device. (irony intended)

I picked up a 64GB microSD card from SandDisk to go with it. And I also have three spare batteries I bought from eBay. I always carry two of them with me in my wallet.
Perfect DAP: lots of storage, and never runs out of battery.

Currently it's on its way back from a repair center since the 3.5mm jack broke. My HD 25-1 II has a habit of breaking jacks, as it did the same thing on my iPod. I currently use a low profile 3.5mm splitter cable to relief strain from the jack, but it's far from ideal. Any of you guys got a better idea to make the jack survive this time? I could determinate the cable with a straight plug, that should also work, since it's most likely the angled plug that destroyed it.
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Never runs out of battery?  What "galaxy" are you from?

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Originally Posted by ninjikiran View Post

Never runs out of battery?  What "galaxy" are you from?
Like I said, I have three spare batteries. That means I have 4x the normal battery life, which means it can go for quite a while.
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