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REVIEW: PSB Imagine mini Speakers - Page 10

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A steal at that price. I'm still very happy with mine.
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Ya i made my mind and getting the pair, can't wait : ) !

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yeah.. they are pretty amazing. I use them with my PC at my desk - no more switching to the big daddy full system to listen to music :)

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I'm still quite pleased with my PSB Imagine Mini more than a year later.  I think I paid about $600 for the RMAF 2011 dark cherry demos, but I'd have to go back through my receipts to be sure.

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anybody here have compared the Eminent technology LFT-16a (1000$) to other speakers like psb mini etc...


that planar push pull midrange with no crossover btw 250hz and 7.5kz is really really keeping me from looking elsewhere right now.... the others i'm looking at are ERAudio electrostatics mini panel(500$+shipping from autralia, but need sub and matching amp) or evolutions acoustics MMicroOne :)


the amps that i'm interested in right now in order are musical paradise mp-501 kt120 paralllel single ended no negative feedback tube amp (1300$), parasound a23 (1000$), bryston b60r (700$)...


for dac i'm looking into schiit gungnir (750$ without usb) or musical paradise MP-D1 with usb (550$ + better tube (30$)) (tube stage with AK4399 dac)

I really need advise please anybody :)


lets say btw 1000-3000$ for the speakers less $$$ is better

btw 400 and 1400$ for the amp less $$ is better

btw 500 and 1000 for the dac less $$ is better... 


in total i dont want to go over 3500$ and i don't mind if i need to upgrade later some parts like the amp.


If i choose lets say the evolutions acoustics mmmicroone at 2500$.. i will of course buy a lower cost 400$ amp and maybe wait for the dac..

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Originally Posted by mibutenma View Post

In my experience with PSB it's not about powering them if you have a speaker amp it will power them.

It's about giving them a quality amp something like Marantz or NAD at the lowest end.

Don't use Sony or Onkyo as they just make PSB speakers sound bland and nothing special.



Power is power.


As long as you first giving the speakers enough power.... second are presenting the amp with an impedance load it can handle......third.... aren't driving the amp into distortion and overloading the power supply and output stages.....the "quality" of the amp matters not.normal_smile%20.gif

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I already had too many speakers but my local dealer had a sale on the Minis and I couldn't resist giving them a try.



I also bought cheap A1 amp to try out....I have a Audioengine N22 but I wanted to see how this little A1 fares when driving an upscale bookshelf.


I haven't had extensive listening time and the speakers haven't been broken in yet, but so far, the combo is quite pleasing for the price, it isn't as transparent as my MC15 which is my benchmark for $1000, but then again I paid half of that for this combo and for desktop use outside of mixing/monitoring, this combo is quite musical. It doesn't have the depth of bass that makes me forget it's a small speaker, but it also astounds me because it's such a small speaker and throws depth of image and a punch that belies its size. I think their other strength is in the way they never sound boxy even when I start pushing the volume way higher than is comfortable for nearfield.. The size of the speaker fits nicely into the décor of my desk without visually overwhelming it like most studio monitors do.


The only issue is that I think it needs to be higher off the desk because I do feel the sound is a bit shouty on my Dynaudio metal stands....these speakers really benefit from being higher and away from the wall as well. I think they sound best with the tweeters pointed at my ear or lower


The A1 amp was $50 on sale and I was also impressed how competent it is for that price. I had a steak dinner that cost more than this amp, and it did a bang up job. It's only 14W/channel and the sound quality starts to strain if I try to push it past 12 o clock (at which point the volume was beyond comfortable even sitting at the back of my bedroom)

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Decided to pick up a new Teac AH01 DAC/Amp....what a fantastic little amp and it makes the Minis sing




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Is anyone using these guys with a vintage receiver? Preferably a Pioneer smile.gif .
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