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Originally Posted by fradoca View Post

use a passive monitor controller like this between the V800 and the opals :




or this :






Thanks for the links.

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I can recommend the SPL-Volume 2, it is by all means a quality device at a very good price point.

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Just for info - Violectric USA now has the revised V800 USB boards in stock. Upgrade to 24-bit/192kHz capabilities, for less than the price of most good USB to SPDIF converters. 

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project86, any chance you have any new comments on the V800, now that your review is a few years old?


Your review of the V800 was one of many reasons why I decided to purchase a discounted V800 sight unseen and given my limited sampling of other DACs, I've been pretty happy with what I feel is a fairly neutral and natural presentation. At this point, I'm having trouble deciding whether I should purchase another DAC or just buy another V800.

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Has it been that long already? Yikes! I'm still enjoying the V800 quite a bit. I get new DACs in for review on a regular basis that cost similar (or more) than V800, but don't perform as well. On the ones that do seem to have a slight edge over the V800, they tend to achieve that via a more advanced USB implementation. So V800 with the new 24/192 USB card would probably bring it back up to upper level status imho. 


V800 is not always my first recommendation, but it's always on the list depending on what sound sig is required. 

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