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I've had the v200 for couple months now and the v800 for a week now.  Really loving the combo.

They really complement each other.  I think this is the best amp and dac I've had so far.  Very content with both.

The amp is musical but not colored and the dac resolving but not clinical.  Together, they present the music in a very lively, detailed and holographic way. 


Got to thank all those who review here like project86 for introducing gear like this. 

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Here's my v200/v800 setup.  Hopefully for a long while biggrin.gif

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just placed an order for the v800 from vioeletric. anyone know how long it'd take to process + ship to the states?


also, i'm upgrading from a xonar essence stx and i've never owned a top-tier DAC before -- could anyone give me a teaser of what will be different? smily_headphones1.gif

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I live in NJ and I remember that my V200 & V800 arrived stunningly fast...as in a couple of days. The import-fee bill from UPS also came shortly thereafter...LOL!...If Violectic has the unit in stock...I think you will have it shortly....GREAT company to do business with. It was a very positive experience.
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ordered them today from audition6.de. Will prolly take a bit longer than thomann.de but guess it that can't be helped.

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just got mine. question for all of you: how should i connect my computer to my v800?


1) computer -> usb -> v800

2) computer (xonar essence stx) -> coax/optical -> v800


if option 2, out of coax/optical, which one should i choose? thanks!

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I don't think there will be any audible difference.  My computer supports both and I connect using USB as I find it a bit more convenient.  Have fun with your V800!

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i think there's only one resampler, DAC, which will disassemble the data coming from whichever source you choose and than recompile it before converting it to analog, so the most determinant thing should be which if any resampling setting you choose, there is off, in this case the dac may be receiving the digital signal straight from the selected digital source , so in this case there may be a difference in performance between the various inputs, if you chose a resampling rate, "best" should be the one delivering the optimal, best, performance from the chain, as it probably deliver the rate at which the DAC can deliver it's best performance 

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and my new toy arrived:





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Very nice!

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so what settings is everybody using when it comes to resampling? BEST or just off?

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Very good review, very complete, 


How does it compare to the mytek dac in the same price range ?

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Originally Posted by LifeAspect View Post

so what settings is everybody using when it comes to resampling? BEST or just off?


for 'best' the manual says it's around 90khz, i use an asio 96khz usb to spdif out to spdif in of the v800, and don't have more then a couple of 192khz records, so i don't mind using this foobar http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=67373 extension that lets me resample, downsample, the rates i set in the configuration leaving untouched, bitperfect, everything else,  in my case it downsamples only rates higher than 96khz to 96khz, so that my asio interface, limited to 96khz max, can process it, so for me the v800 is always at 'best' rate,


else if i would have a lot of records higher than 96khz and an interface capable of streaming rates higher than 96khz, i would see no reason not to use the optical or spdif in of the v800 so not to waste any of the resolution, in this case for resampling it's a little tricky, i would always like to use the max resampling rate applicable, but if u set it to 4x for 44.1khz when u play higher rates it will automatically switch to 3x, 2x, 1x, the higher which doesn't take u over the max v800 rate (210khz if i remember right), the problem is it's not gonna switch back automatically to 4x when playing 44.1khz again, and i like to make playlists from various records with different rates so 'best' will cover all the v800 supported input rates, actually downsampling only rates higher than 96khz? or 90 whatever


so in my understanding using a higher resampling rate makes jitter less of an issue, supposing it is, and using any resampling might be a performance advantage for the dac, as far as 'best' goes, in my understanding the manual suggests it's the rate at which the dac will perform at it's best (dr, thd+n, linearity, or whatever)


and any resampling of 16bit input streams might have an edge if using the v800 digital level volume pot to attenuate the output level, so to retain the bit depth, if the resampler have any effect operating at 24bit depth


so u see it's a little more complicated than just choosing between best, off, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, it's very flexible in that regard except for not being able to set the x rates automatically according to the input rate, to achieve the highest upsampling possible


knowing at what any given setting can give u an edge over the other for your particular setup, an the components in the v800, is what i would like to see more in depth explained in the manual and here

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reading your comment about the DAC roskodan makes me realise I need to read up more on audio :x

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wait till u get to mess with the ground settingsdeadhorse.gif

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