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Edit: Got it! ^^


Question: I'm having difficulty disassembling my unit for some reason. Followed the instructions in the manual, but when I go to lift the upper lid off the device it still seems stuck to the front panel. Is there anything I need to push or pull or any additional screws that I need to take out that I'm just missing? In other words, did the dismantling instructions in the manual require some tweaking for you to successfully take the machine apart?

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The front panel goes over the cover slightly, so you have to push it back a tiny amount in order to lift it off.

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It is actually the back panel that, gives, on the V800 Dac, do not force the front panel as the digital volume pot is directly attached to this panel and there's not much tolerance allowable....wouldn't want this to snap offblink.gif


Loosen the bottom two screws as well on the back panel and this will give a few millimeters tolerance to lift the lid or place the lid back on with a little force.


Hope this helps. It is actually in the manual....... 

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OK...I am new. Really NEW (LOL!). Project 86...your reviews are top notch...as a matter of fact...they are helping me empty my wallet.

I need some help and advice..from any and all...  (because I am new..did I mention that?...go easy on me fellas).

I have done extensive reading and research in an effort to put together a headphone system ( I live in a cave at the beach and am preparing for winter)...and based on a lot of my readings here (you guys are so informative!!!) I have recently made some purchases...and am awaiting there arrival. I figured I would close my eyes and dive in the deep end, so  I got in contact with Fried (Lake Person), wired the coin to the Lake Area and now have a DAC V800 and APA V200 on the way. (The price direct was great compared to online retailers, but will I get hit with import duties to the US?)... I also plan on purchasing a pair of LCD-2's (is there a preferred place to purchase these?) I am erring toward warm/dark ... This will be my basic setup for now.

I also have a Woo "adjustable" headphone stand in my sites (will that improve the sound quality??? LOL!).

To say the least..I am starting to get excited....but I am new, new, new to computer based files,etc. (so actually I am old..LOL), but I want some advice about basic set up and music "transport", files etc... I would like to get off on the right foot and do this well the first time. 

I am using an iMac. (and/or iPad)...as my source at this point.

1. I would like to know the best method and connector to get from my iMac to my (about to be) new DAC? I get dizzy reading everything and I am confused about most of this...... 

2. I would like to know where I can find/purchase optimum music files, and what is the best format? There is so much conflicting info on the web about this question and I know opinions will vary...but any help would be appreciated.

3. What software is good for feeding my music files to my new system?   Yeah..I don' t know that much and am open to all info.

(ask me about cameras or waves and I can tell you a thing or two.....but here I am doggy paddling).


Also..I guess I have to tell you guys in advance that I am from New Jersey..so please do not hold that against me.

I also have a modest tube amp coming from China and some small bookshelf speakers form Canada...but that is another related project (the transport/source info will help me with that system too, though). 


Thanks for any help I will give back if I can (I plan on taking art photos of the equipment...so that should entertain some of you) ... and hey...go easy on me!!!!

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Hi Infrared. Sounds like the makings of a great system there. I'll just dive right in with your questions:


1) A USB connection from your iMac to the V800 is the simplest connection. Some people say it does not sound the best, I personally don't have an issue with it. Try it for yourself and see. Alternatively, if you have an optical output on your iMac (aka Toslink) you can connect that to the V800. Some Macs have those and some don't. Some have a multi-purpose jack that looks like a mini-headphone jack but can also function as optical out via a special cable. You'll have to find out what your particular model has if you want to go this route. 


If you want to go all out, there are plenty of high quality USB to SPDIF converters on the market. Some would call this an essential piece of your puzzle, some would not.


2) Music files can be had from many sources. There's the obvious iTunes, as well as other big companies like Amazon. Those will get you compressed files. HDTracks is a popular site for high quality releases. You can choose which format to buy - some titles are available in AIFF lossless which will play easily on your Mac. Other titles are only available in FLAC lossless, which you can play with a little extra work.


3) Lots of programs for Mac exist that can play FLAC files. I don't use a Mac myself but I know there are many choices out there. Just search online for them, because some (like Clementine) are even free.

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Thanks 86...

1) I have read and researched my particular Mac and my read on that is to use the toslink (I DO have that on my Mac, it's call the Headphone Out/Optical Digital Audio Out Port -phew!- so I was planning on connecting to the V800 optically as I did not order what I think is an  "optional" USB connection). I have also read that the best way to go is Firewire and some manufacturers accomodate that ...but I have decided to keep it simple here and you are backing that thought up. Also...I had a few emails with Fried from Violectric regarding the connections from the V800 to the V200 and he likes simple wiring as opposed to "mega wires" and such so for now simpler is better. I have decided to make my own XLR connections there and have ordered the parts to do so...Fried said RCA was fine ...but having the Ground in the XLR couldn't hurt.

2) Cool...I will have to check out HD Tracks..that is a good lead...that is the direction I am heading in here. I do not want to buy compressed files unless that is all that is available for certain music...I will be using the music with this setup and the other set up that I am working on with the tube amp...so I am going for best files. I also read that some people swear by the Lossless files and some say that they really aren't Lossless at all. So I do not know what to think. but I know ...with this headphone-DAC-Amp setup.. I am guessing I will notice lacking files????  So FLAC lossless are "better" than AIFF lossless?  Should I avoid lossless altogether and use WAV or above??? This is something that I have to research more.

3) I have seen a software call Squeeze Box mentioned quite a bit and have not looked into that yet. Is that something to consider???


This is all a lot of fun and I know there are no right and wrongs...but the are better setups within a person's listening needs, budget and ergonomics.  ...but I want to head towards best with in financial reason...I think I have a good start with that.


Again, you have been very helpful...and I love this website...its a great place!

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I has experiments for connecting my iMac with Bifrost by optical out. Cable is Toslink to miniToslink that comes in Apple's cables kit.
So, sound by IMac's output in comparing with USB was miserable. So I dropped this idea and returned to USB.
Now and here I'm in search for a new DAC.

PS Sorry fior my great English.
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hmmmmm....danik?...everything I am reading about hooking up an iMac with an Optical-Digital-Audio-Out Port says:


1. Go to preferences on my iMac and set the Audio-Out to: Digital Output

2. Get a Toslink cable and plug into my Mac's Optical-Digital-Audio-Out Port (my iMac has this connection...some do not)

3. Plug the Optical end of the Toslink cable into my Optical Input of my Violectric DAC V800 

This should provide the best sound..no?


Pretty much everywhere I read people say that this is better than going with USB off of a Mac????

Nothing is easy...not even speaking English!!!! LOL!


Can anyone else lend their experience here????



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1) The V200 (and other amps) are the ones that have "optional" USB inputs. The V800 is a dedicated DAC and always comes with USB. So you've got that option built in no matter what. It couldn't hurt to get the Toslink cable going as well, to see if you prefer one over the other. A lot of people have strong opinions for or against, though I'm sure Fried Reim would say they should sound the same. 


2) Lossless files like FLAC are, in theory, bit perfect. So it would be like packing your clothes in one of those space-saver vacuum bags. It takes less room, but once you unpack it everything is good as new. An imperfect analogy because clothing gets wrinkled, but you get the idea. By that logic AIFF and all other lossless files should be equal. The only important thing is which ones your device will play, and which ones your favorite music is available in.


Some people claim to hear differences compared to WAV. Personally I don't. I wouldn't worry about that right now - just get everything up and running, then you can mess with potentially minor things like that. People who claim to hear differences don't usually describe them as drastic anyway. 


3) Squeezebox is a line of products and corresponding music server software. If you don't have something like their Squeezebox Touch device then it won't really apply to you.

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Hmmm...86...this gets more and more interesting.

Yes...I mis-spoke (I did mention that my head is spinning with all of this info)...the DAC will have USB input. My mistake...so I do have the option to send my audio from my Mac to the V800 via USB. ...now I will have to look into this more...and you are correct...people have very strong opinions regarding the output from a computer.  I am not sure what to do!!!! LOL.

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USB and Toslink are both 24/96.


The best sounding inputs on the V800 are the RCA or the XLR both 24/192. I would highly recommend the HiFace two, and think it is plug and play on the Mac. This little device is really the best bang for the buck device I have come across.


Lastly, between the V800 and V200 using XLR cables would be the preference.

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spkrs.....ok..I am looking into  the HiFace two for my iMac USB connection. I am new to all of this so please explain the connection fully.  I check out the user manual for the HiFAce and I am still not sure...

One end of the HiFace plugs into my iMac USB..the other end of the HiFace is RCA, correct?  What cord do I need from there to get plugged into the V800. Please overexplain everything as I know and assume nothing!!!! LOL! Think "USB to DAC for Dummies" here.

...and thanks for your help and opinion...I am taking it all in.

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Originally Posted by Infrared View Post

Thanks 86...

1) I have read and researched my particular Mac and my read on that is to use the toslink (I DO have that on my Mac, it's call the Headphone Out/Optical Digital Audio Out Port -phew!- so I was planning on connecting to the V800 optically as I did not order what I think is an  "optional" USB connection). 


Connecting your mac to the V800 via the optical connection is fine but do keep in mind 2 things:  


1- your iMac uses a hybrid audio out port which doubles as an analog out and an optical S/PDIF out.  This requires a special Toslink cable that has the traditional Toslink connector on one end (this goes to the V800) and a funny looking metal pin connector on the other (this goes to your iMac headphone out).  No worries though, the cables are widely available (think amazon) and cheap.


2- and this is the biggie; Macs only support digital rates up to 24/96 on the optical output!  IIRC, it doesn't support 88.1 either but I'm not 100% sure atm.  You mentioned that you plan on going the HQ files route which implies that you will potentially be using higher resolution files that may go up to 24/192 (maybe higher in the future, who knows...).  You will not be able to play these on the optical output.  If you are going this route I highly suggest you go for the USB connection.  It's what I am using from my MacPro to my V800 and sounds great. If you have issues with the sound you can always go for one of the USB->S/PDIF bridges that are available.  FWIW, I tried an Audiophileo2 and heard absolutely no difference but ymmv due to a number of potential factors.


Good luck!

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earlier this year I had a problem with my V800 and came here for advice on how to deal with it.  The issue was resolved (I got a hold of Robert and he promptly replaced my unit) but I forgot to come back and mention that.  Thanks for your help.


In any case, I am using the V800 as a preamp for my Adam A5X monitors and it is truly wonderful.  I am hard pressed to hear difference vs my W4S DAC2. smily_headphones1.gif

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Wow thrax.... I am learning a lot here.Well...I did not buy the to toslink cable yet..so 
I am not committed in any way how I connect my iMac to my DAC at this point.  I am totally open about that connection..  but since, both the USB AND the OPTICAL OUT on my iMac only support rates of 24/96, does that mean that with a Mac I cannot get a rate of 24/192? 
Spkrs suggests a HiFace Two... But that doesn't get me to a to higher rate does it?
Why would I get better sound quality over the USB with larger music files if the rates are no different than my OPTICAL OUT?
Am I missing something obvious here?
I am totally open to suggestions here...I have plenty of time before my Violectric DAC & Amp arrive!!!
I definitely want to push the envelope as much as I can within my finances. LOL!
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