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Ive got my TT, and just received my Azur 640P in the mail today, now I need to be able to hook them up and listen.


So I dont have a "proper" amp in the sense of the word, something that I can plug my headphones into (DT770). 


I currently listen through my PC with my Xonar Essence STX. It has line in through the microphone port, so I would have to take the microphone out to listen through my PC. Im assuming I could use an RCA to 3.55 with a converter to the larger style (5.5 I think?). But I still want to be able to use my mic to voice chat, so I dont know if I need something else (a 3.5mm splitter? If that would even work on the Xonar).


Or should I just bite the bullet and buy a good amp?


What would be a decent amp to get that isnt overkill (its only a Rega RP1 TT, and an Azur 640P phono pre amp, so I dont need a $500 amp).


I kind of still want to be able to somehow set it up that I would be able to listen to my TT and my PC at the same time. 


I guess I could rig it up to use the onboard mic port. In that case I could use the line in on my Xonar with just a simple RCA to 3.5MM right? Is there anywhere that makes premium RCA to 3.5mm cables? Could I just order a good set of RCA terminated cables and then use this:

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