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Need help opening up Realistic PRO-60

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Hi everyone,

I recently got a set of Realistic PRO-60 headphones (the PRO-60 is a rebranding of the KOSS HV/X) and I need to completely disassemble them. Problem is, I really don't know how to do that. I got to slide the outside ring off but I don't see any screws or anything that looks like it can be disassembled so I'm stuck.





I'm using these headphones for a arts and crafts projects, but I would like to rebuild it back together so I can use them for listening.

Thanks in advance!! biggrin.gif
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I've got a set of Koss Optimus PRO-60 headphones. I've been researching replacement foam/cellulose to replace my old rotted out ones only to find that one of the channels died. You can open it up by removing/stretching the metal bracket off of the outer lip of the headphone. Then you press in each of the small 4 plastic clips that are just outside the inside of the large rectangular openings. Gently press in each of the pins as you separate the two pieces from each other, then once inside if you want to get to the drivers, there's another set of 4 plastic clip/pins that let you get into them. There's also a loose large cell foam piece that looks like a debris filter that can just fall out. Just tuck it back in behind the headphone cable when putting the phones back together. On my Pro 60s the bracket doesn't form a complete ring. I had some warped/distorted metal from prying so when putting the headphone bracket back just straighten and squeeze to get them back into shape as needed when you're done. Good luck!

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I need two snap on rings for foam ear pads koss hv/x

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Any idea where i can get the plastic rings in image 4 to glue on foam pads koss hv/x.

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Any luck finding the ear cushions for the PRO60's?  I have a pair of Realistic version and I bought about 30 years ago.  I've bought replacement cushions before but it's been at least 10 years and now I'm having trouble locating them.  Koss accessories do not list them as being available.  Appreciate the help...

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There are two versions of the pads. The old pleather ones and the new Version from variable density molded foam. Koss listed the newest pads on the older webpage. Pad replacement for about ~25 Years. You can use the HV1 pads, but the frequency response is not nearly as flat with these pads.


The next alternativ are the Grado Bowls (two density foam). Not as good as the Originals in sound and comfort, because the Koss foam pads can easy flat out the signature on Grado headphones and the Pads fit like memory foam.


I think, most of replacement parts are all out of stock for a lot of old Koss Stereophones, but some parts of the HV/X Headband are also used by the ESP/950. Did you contact Koss for replacement?

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