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saw the 5500s at bestbuy today for 21 bucks almost grabbed them but not sure i need another pair of cans.  right now i've got some B&W p5s for my closed portable cans and not sure how these would compare to them... anyone have any idea how they compare.  I know they might not be as good as the p5s but if they're close it might be fun to see..

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Originally Posted by Danielvr View Post

If you can wait until its US release in March, maybe you should have a look at the Philips Downtown SHL5605. It's brand new and haven't heard it yet or even seen a review, but I'd expect it to sound quite similar to the 5500 and 9700. From its sophisticated looks, they're targetting it at male adults, which suggests good, non-exaggerated bass and non-aggressive highs. They should also be better suited for using on-the-go because of their Musicseal feature (the 9700 is quite 'leaky'!)
Here's their announcement by Übergizmo: Philips Downtown SHL5605 Headset

That is one heck of a nice looking headphone.  Thank you.

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Originally Posted by Coolsax View Post

saw the 5500s at bestbuy today for 21 bucks almost grabbed them but not sure i need another pair of cans.  right now i've got some B&W p5s for my closed portable cans and not sure how these would compare to them... anyone have any idea how they compare.  I know they might not be as good as the p5s but if they're close it might be fun to see..

At $21 you cannot afford not to get them.  They are crazy-good for that price.  I cannot compared first hand to the B&W's, but you may be in for a surprise since, looks aside, the P5's are a bit of a polarizing headphone.  Everyone needs at leas one more pair of headphones, right? wink_face.gif

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Originally Posted by Il Mostro View Post

At $21 you cannot afford not to get them.  They are crazy-good for that price.

I second that!


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I ended up picking them up this weekend. $15 in best buy rewards helped too.  pretty good right out of the box, but didn't get a chance really burn them in and listen.  hope to get some of that done this week.



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Was interested but saw they're $65 in my country. Too bad!

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Originally Posted by kidcharlemagne View Post

Thank you for the impressions Daniel; from what I am getting from yours and dutchflea's comments, it looks like I am EQing my 5500 to sound similar to the 9700 (abit less mid-bass, abit more treble). You guys have got me interested in the 9700 now as I dont want to go through the trouble of EQing when using these on the go, dont think Philips released them over here in the states yet though, so its abit hard to find redface.gif

If you pop over to Tyll Hertsen's CES2012 coverage, he gives Philips the Best of Show nod.  But more to the point of this thread and your comments above, the new $99 CitiScape Downtown SHL5605 along with the $299 Fidelio L1 get VERY positive nods.  Be sure to read the comments to his report here: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/ces-2012-best-show-philips-lifestyle-products     They'll be available in March in the US.  Tyll has already measured the SHL5605 although as I post this the results aren't up yet.   Seems the gang here in this thread might have just been ahead of the power curve :)

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Well got a chance to be able to sit down and listen to them side by side with my B&W P5s.. using the ipod head amp and 320kbps mp3s.  now i know its probably not a fully fair fight and most would expect the the P5s to win and they do easily.  What it did allow me to do is get a good comparison on the sound signatures and the P5s are most definitely a warmer can.  definitely more bass emphasis and easily a more lush sound.  Which for headphone listening I do prefer.  for the price though the 5500 has a lot going for it..


very comfortable and light on the head. and gotta love the memory phone ear pads.  it looks great too.  the can has good overall quality of sound.   While not exactly warm itself i could easily use these as a 2ndary pair to my P5s for home use when my P5s are still at work. 


however I do have a few issues with it.. while i stated its not a warm can.. i don't think its bright either, i actually think the top end is a little thin and doesn't flesh out as much as i'd like.  And while most instruments sound fine, there is a harshness to vocals that the can brings out that If I would have to listen to them for hours at a time then I may get very annoyed.  Overall though a very good can for its market price (not sure i would have spent $70 on it which is msrp) but as an entry level headphone i can see a lot of people liking it, and i will definitely be keeping it around for a while as a 2ndary headphone, maybe some of the harshness will subside as it burns in more but I get the feeling the thiness in the upper registers will probably stick around. 

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you should give it a try with a better dap. such as the studio v.

i tried it yesterday with my ipods headphone output, ipod nano...and i didnt get good results.

it is too harsh and too limited in soundstage for me. 

its just to revealing and shows how bad the ipod sounds.


listening to 320kbps too.


try it sir with a much better set up, laptop plus dac for example.


id like to try the p5 someday.

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may have to try that, but will mostly be using it with a ipod.. not sure i want to go out and get a portable dac/amp to use with it since i get such great results with just the p5, but i might have to think about it.. 


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I find this article interesting. 15 years ago, when I was still in high-school I always find Philips in-ears to have some of the very crisp and balanced bass. Those were the times when Philips were still producing audiophile grade equipments, then they stopped. With the announcement of the Philips Fidelio and Cityscape headphones, they have re-entered the competition.


I thought that the Philips SHL5500s are the same as the Philips CityScape Downtowns with a few adjustments or so. They have also improved the isolation on the downtowns, even at 90% volume, there are no sound leakage coming out. I've never underestimated Philips as I've used some of their high-end products before, however, due to the fact that they have so many low-end/mass-produced versions of their sound cans, it overwhelms the production of the high-ends. And, their product lines are rightfully judged as some so-so audio equipments.


I think what Philips should do is to cut-down on the product lines and start marketing on the mid and high-ends to change their image. Another notorious thing that I never liked about Philips is they never produce replacement parts, so if your pads gets worn out and you wanted a new pair, you have to send them in to their service centers; instead of just making those readily available to the market. When I invest on cans, I always put replacement parts into consideration. All of us has a certain love for that one can, but when it gets worn-out and you couldn't find some parts that's terrible. It's like giving up an addiction and experiencing some withdrawal effects lol.


But because they are a house-hold name that produces a lot of products, I could only assume that their hands are full. Unlike the Audio-Technicas, Sonys, Sennheisers, Grados which are purely concentrated on home entertainment video and audio. Nevertheless, they made a great job and hopefully, they would be motivated and continue on with their progress.


Given the price, you can't go wrong with them. $32-34 is just about the price of pad replacements on other cans.

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i totally agree.

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Well, I think I found one strong sonic weakness in my SHL9700 after all: At some frequencies, mostly in female vocals and string instruments, there's an ugly crackle that distorts the sound. A prime example would be Norah Jones' "Come away with me", at 1:54-2:00 into the song where she loudly sings "but you'll be on my mind forever". When I listen through the SHL5500, I hear a bit of the same distortion but by far not as pronounced as in the SHL9700. I wonder if the new Downtown and Fidelio L1 models will turn out to have the same problem.
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Update: a month's use and the pads are showing some cracks, this would probably do some flaking in no time (putting some natural leather conditioner like vaseline doesn't help). I think the pads wouldn't last a year. I just wonder if standard 70mm pads would fit them, maybe I could order some velours for back-up.





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sir, mine has been almost 4months now.

and i have totally faith with those leather pads.

those leather pads are genuine and i think, they would last more than what you predicted.

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