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Originally Posted by Il Mostro View Post

Bob, they do not compare in any way to my HD600's, nor should they at $32.00.  These are a pleasant, inexpensive set of phones that are good for travel or knocking around.  I can enjoy them for what they are, but I would not over-analyse it.

Oh I never thought they'd hold a candle to HD580/HD600s.  I simply want to make sure they aren't so far afield sound signature-wise that I'd be moved to quickly either return them or give them away.  Regardless I do appreciate your counsel here.  And unfortunately they're no longer available at $32 either :(


But I have ordered a pair :)

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I hope you enjoy it Bob.  As I said earlier in this thread, these will not replace any of my go-to portables (DT1350, ESW9, HD25) but its shortcomings are errors of omission and that's the way I like it with inexpensive gear.  It the right set and setting, I can have a completely satisfying experience with the 5500's.  Definitely more competent than the multiple IEM's I have bought on the cheap.  

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And therein lies the attraction.   You and others have described these cans as natural and smooth with good dynamics and details.  No boominess or bloating.  No harsh sibilants.  Yet not mid-centric.  Any of those characteristics would be a turn off for this old retiree's ears :)  My only concern at this point is just how isolating they will be on my head.  I'm hoping for a degree of openness although that won't be a deal breaker.  I don't need isolation like the AKG K81DJs provide or even my old Shure E2c's.  Those have become special circumstance tools only for me.  The HD580s are my standbys.

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want to update this after a hundred hours+ of use.

the sound didnt changed much...but i say, whenever i put this on, im forgetting what was there in life but only music. youll be submerge by the quality it gives.


to all the iems ive had, i can compare the (mids) sound to my sm3 v.1.

similar. warm sound. but not too much.

the bass reacts true to the source, natural and not boomy or heavy.

the highs is not too little rolled of, but with the right amount of sparkle to make the music and instrument sound alive.


the vocals are good, but not as perfect as any ba iems (sm3, ortofon eq7)

not too warm, but definitely on the warm side.

soundstage is not too wide but with depth.

clarity of instruments is just the right amount wihtout being IN YOUR FACE kind, or beside you kind.

the retrieval of details is better than any of my iems. (fx700, sm3, ortofon eq7, ue700)

analytic but not too clinical (mx980).


so far, the sound, smoothens more than the first time i tried it.

just a full joy of music.

but i think it reached the end of it.


think of this like an sm3 with a good sparkle at the top just to make the music sweet at the same time with the timbre just like the fx700. 


i have the sr325is before, that's a different story.

comparing both, the 325is sounds too hot, lacking that nice timbre but very good in high hats, making some instruments lively, and in your face.

the philips, sweet and natural. 





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FWIW I choose to pop for the SHL5500s instead of say the Samsom SR850 / Superlux668B / Fischer FA-011 simply because they're all reviewed as having a bright treble which I would undoubtedly find fatiguing. There were other sub $100 models as well to consider but all and all these 5500s appear to have the best combination of what I was looking for in a knock around set of cans.  Time will tell obviously once I have them in hand.


On the other end of the scale I continue to closely watch developments with the new Sennheiser, HifiMan and similar models that might finally tempt me to retire my HD580s :)

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Are these cans any good for metal/rock genre? thanks.

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Nice to read so many good things about the SHL5500 headphones.


If you like the SHL5500, I would like to point to the SHL9700: another great looking set of cans based on the same principle. Same kind of pads and also 40mm drivers, 32 Ohms. Same price. Great plus: cable comes out just on one side (left) in stead of both. Lots of volume when used with just the regular player like an iPod or iPhone.






I love the sound. I love the comfort. I like the classy looks a lot. I like the foldabilty of the earcups. I like the build quality with the leather and the metal. 


The leather pads are very soft and comfortable. The headband is based on metal and the earcups are covered with some beautiful champagne metal too. The headphone jack is real metal. The headphone folds/unfolds with a reassuring "click" with little metal pins locking it into place. The wiring is of good, strong, flexible quality, 4 feet length. Just lovely. Especially for the price.


Just have a look here for some real-life pics on a French headphone review site:




and here:




Another SHL9700 alike set of headphones that I did not like as much (though they were still very nice) was the SHL9450. Same looks, also 40mm drivers, but with smaller earcups, and the headband is foldable. Although they are a bit more expensive I think they felt a bit less comfortable with the smaller earcups and sounded a bit weird, with the mid-bass being too pronounced. As if they were trying to compensate for their smaller size compared to the 9700 model.


And not to forget another great Philips classic for sound, build quality, head comfort and sound isolation for a moderate price:




In short: Philips, VERY underestimated on this Head-fi forum.

It's a shame for you, and for Philips. Not for me though, got myself a great set of portable cans for a good price.


(note that I am not a Philips addict and that I love my Beyer's DT880 and also the AKG K 701's. But for the price, I think these Philips products are simply amazing.)

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^youre can looks more classy than mine.

i like the design, and the color. 

seems like id like to have one of these.


anyway, the pads (yours) looks like more fat, than mine.

that means its more comfier than mine. (though, mine is already the best comfier can ive tried)


ive also like to point out that...only FEW, very FEW philips model sound good.

one of those that sound good is my can, and maybe or probably this one.

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I wrote a rather lengthy reply describing my impressions of these bins but alas the forum maintenance raised its head and wiped me out.  Argh!


Anyhow I've found the cans to be extremely comfortable with a very pleasant frequency response.  No they don't have the bass of say my K81DJs but unless you're the type who outfits his car with mega-amplifiers to drive a handful of subwoofers with which to terrorize neighborhoods and nearby traffic you'll be just fine :)  Mids may be just a bit, and I mean a very little bit, subdued compared to my Senns or AKGs,  Regardless it is neither objectionable nor distracting, being detailed and articulate.  Trebles are satisfyingly smooth without the brightness and excess shimmer I personally find objectionable and fatiguing.  So yes, as the OP described we have a neutral smooth, articulate, detailed presentation which is much more satisfying than the price of admission would have you expecting.  I am quite pleased and give a tip of the hat in thanks to the OP for this thread :)

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Addendum:  I'm quickly getting to the point where I prefer the SHL5500/28s to the K81DJs :)   That should speak volumes!


BTW I've been listening to streaming Ambient / Chill out / New Age with the 5500s. They handle this stuff very well :)

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Guys, curiosity got the better of me (again), so next week I will have the SHL5500's too (only 36 euro including shipping, so blame me!)

I will be able to compare them to the SHL9700's I told you guys about. Keep you posted!

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I read the reviews you linked above.  It seems that the sound signature of the SHL9700 (and SHL9560 for that matter) were said to resemble the Philips Stretch (SHO9560/28 in the US) which has a FR different from the SHL5500/28 (or SHL5500/10 in Europe).  I think you will find the 5500 different (e.g. much more neutral with a flatter frequency response)  from your 9700s but very enjoyable; look forward to your comparison/comments.

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hey dutchflea,


please do let us know if the shl 9700 sounds better than my shl 5500 coz ive been planning to buy one instantly since yours is very new...

maybe its an upgrade to mine, who knows.

and been watching another of their line up, the other one, a close back design by philips, its not the l1, i know coz the l1 is open back design.


thanks Bob A (SD).


just want to tell the world how beautiful is the sound of this can (shl 5500),

how it differs to most cans.

how it choses to be differently.

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Goodevening sir..im always glad to read your replies, you are so enthusiastic about ur music. Today, was a mixed feeling for me though, i went to festival mall at alabang and went to audition a couple oh hp's. i went to apple power mac center and tried some sennheisers and klpsch, (unfortunately most of them senns are sealed) i was not impresssed by the sound quality..(and this is what infuriated me) cause before going to the mall, ive lost my Fiio E6 headphone amp (ive must have dropped it) which i was supposed to use when auditioning the hp's (with my ipod6th gen & nokia n8) i know it didnt bring out its full sound potential because of the high impedance..i was really disappointed on my music i felt discouraged on pursuing my headphone journey because of my loss.. i was ready to go home when i came across the Astrovision and suddenly saw the philips SHL5500, even though discouraged and grief stricken i gave it these a try. right out of the box... Man, i was downright AMAZED, it literally blew me away and i was not expecting this..i was expecting it to sound bad as MOST of the hps right out-of-the box whic sound restricted and muffled..this philips shl5500 is really a gem in the audiophile world..the mids like you said are crystal clear..bass is already good..doesnt need burn in unlike other hps (my audio technica needed hell of a lot burn in) the highs are not overpowering which i like..man i was very impressed! not to say the COMFORT on these cans! when i first saw the shl5500 out of the box, oh boy it was so classy and sophisticated, the colors match well..it fit well into my head perfectly (without looking like a complete audiogeek) man it has style! and the leather..oh so soft and high quality on these leather! i read it is a memory leather? (what does it mean?) and i was surprised when it looked smaller on real life than in the picture, it does not scream "hey look at me im an audiophile im wearing these cans" type..but it does say, "these headphones are laid back and sexy!" its all about comfort man! considering its an on ear hp..it isolates perfectly! i tested my metal songs on my nokia n8 on the shl5500..realllyyyyyy i had my eyes closed it sounded so natural like you said! ahh, i finally fell in love with this can mr. pinoyman..thank you so much for sharing this wonderful can to the community! unfortunately im broke today but i promised the seller already to that i will be back for the purchase and im certainly sure it will be the best buy of my life! im so looking forward to finally own and wear this can someday.. i hope it gets more popularity on the headfi communtity..really top-class this can is! thank you mr pinoyman! :-)
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congrats sir.

what you need now is a dedicated dap that would give you the right quality of your music.

sir, may i suggest you try the HISOUND AUDIO studio v or the rocoo p.

they are great. and you wont be needing an external amp like your e6 with your shl 5500.

im a proud owner of this can...still the best for me at the moment.


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