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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

Oops yes I see I misread the description. Red AND black .


Which ones are you referring to that have the around the ear pads? Is it the SHN 5500 model or something other? Do you have a link I am curious.

This picture shows the the 5500 and SHL5800, which must be what you are referring to. Looks quality close up in the website pics. Nice.

www.philips.ca 2011-10-2 19:30:0.png


Here's the spec sheet link for those too with decent pics. http://download.p4c.philips.com/files/s/shl5800_10/shl5800_10_pss_eng.pdf



i got the SHL5500...the most natural sounding between the two.

the other one, which is an around ear, is the bassy version.



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Originally Posted by pinoyman View Post

Il Mostro ,

sir, how's your headphone?

did it already arrived?

Sorry for not following up.  It sounds really nice, especially when the price point is considered.  While it is not going to make me abandon my DT1350, HD25 or ESW9,  the SHL5500 are a thoroughly enjoyable set of portable phones.  I entirely agree with your assessment of it having a neutral signature, but it is not dry or sterile sounding. I think the fact that its shortcomings are "errors of omission" is what makes it work.  It is not adding anything (as you accurately stated in your review) and is just politely rolled off a bit on the top and bottom -- entirely understandable for something that cost me just over $30.00.  I have used it at my office more than at home (where I have an assortment of full size phones).  The memory foam and leather pad covers are sweet.   The design is different than any of my other headphones, which is nice. I dig the black & red look.  I am happy with the purchase and do not have any complaints.  Salamat po for the heads-up.

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well, the right question now is are you happy with your purchase?



thanks for the input bro.

that's really helpful.

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Originally Posted by pinoyman View Post

well, the right question now is are you happy with your purchase?



thanks for the input bro.

that's really helpful.

The only way I could be happier would be if the phones came with a hot-off-the-fire, lechon manok with liver sauce.  Then they would be super-sarap to the bone. biggrin.gif


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youre funny bro.


anyway, im waiting to hear comments about the newer ath iem and the sonys...

how about you?

do you listen to iems?

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Kuya-Jim has a  healthy sense of humor, but is really serious about his lechon manok, crispy pata and sinuglaw biggrin.gif  I think I am pretty much set for now with IEM's.  My go-to is Westone UM3X and I also have Ety ER4S and HF5.  I am thinking of trying the UM56 custom tips with the UM3X's to see if I want to have a go at custom Westone ES5's.  Those tips should also work on both Ety's so it will not be wasted money should I ultimately go with ES5's.   The Sony's really get my interest -- I will check them out next time I am in Japan.

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Hi, just bought a set of these on the strength of this feedback and i have to say that im seriously impressed with them. I auditioned several sets of each  from the likes of bose, sony, sennheiser and dre etc etc before buying these and ive found them to be absolutely stunning considering the price! They deliver smooth unbloated deep bass, beautifuly clear midrange and a sweet crisp top end, a very pure and rounded performance on all types of music. I payed only £25 (normally £35-50) for these brand new on ebay and rate them better than some of the sets i tryed at over 10x the price!!! Build quality is excellent, looks great, the only minus point i can find is that thay fold the wrong way(for me) when 'necked' other than that i think they are a brilliant bargin. Philips will certainly be getting first look form me every time i buy headgear from now on and i would recommend anyone to at least give them a try before you buy. Top marks all round.

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yeah, me too.

and im definitely interested into their new line ups...


welcome to the community sir.

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yah on the strength of this review (which was written with poetic line breaks, I can dig it) i just bought them on amazon, too. Will report back, am sure I'll be pleased as punch.

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hope to hear from you soon sir about the can.

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Your daughter looks so adorable in those pics.


Hopefully you have a budding Audiophile as she grows up.....she'll be demanding a pair of $400 for her 5th birthday.tongue.gif


I want these headphones now.....every headphone I have is tuned to a certain signature so I'm curious what these actually sound like.


Anyone else try these yet?

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thanks for the comment.

too bad, only very few people give enough attention to such beautiful sound.

many people are sticking to what they are accustomed to...brands and fun signature, in the end, most of them get bored easily.


i can say, the sound is similar or close to my bower and wilkins zep air, with a good amount of natural timbre and defined bass.

it isnt lacking or too much extended. 

all just the right amount.


the build is great on this, specially the leather pads, its real. unlike bose's pads, which uses fake leathers.


the sound is smooth, specially in the mids, the details is better than any of my iems.

the timbre is there, which is rare to most gears.

there is no mid bass hump or bass bleed, just clear and defined bass, NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS.



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and may i add, this is the only PHILIPS can that sounded like this.

the others sounded anemic or has a monster beats like bass (too much bass).


only this particular model.

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pinoyman and Il Mostro:


  I must say I find your 5500 comments and this thread quite entertaining.  I also note that the older SHP5400/5401 had an enthusiastic following in Europe where it was touted as a great bang for the buck as well as pleasing set of cans. 


  I continue to enjoy my aging HD580s at home.  The K81DJs I have work well with their isolation when I have need of that attribute out and about.  But overall I prefer the open or semi-open style so that I can hear the phone or doorbell.  That and the sound signature of my modded 580s (which are very close to the HD600).  The 5500s are intriguing as they are semi open and appear to have a SQ that would appeal to my older ears and sensibilities.  They might serve well as a knock-around set here :)  Wish I had a better sense of how they compare to the HD580/600 as well as the HD25/K81DJ cans.  Either of you or others able to offer more insight?

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Bob, they do not compare in any way to my HD600's, nor should they at $32.00.  These are a pleasant, inexpensive set of phones that are good for travel or knocking around.  I can enjoy them for what they are, but I would not over-analyse it.

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