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For Sale: Sony EX1000

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For Sale:
Sony EX1000

Will Ship To: CONUSA

Reason for sale: I've been trying to find the best IEM for me for a few months now but i can't seem to find it. I think I'm going to stick to my lower end IEM's for now and wait for new releases. I've been switching from different IEM's for a week now and I can't seem to find the perfect one.

I bought this from a Head-Fi'er little over a week ago. Received at 23rd of September.

Will be posting pictures soon.

These are in great condition, with complete accessories and tips. I will also be giving some extra shure tips inside.

PM me offers!
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There are other parts of your portable rig that may affect the overall listening experience. Check those before blaming on the IEMs:

1. Do you have a decent source? DAC?

2. How is the music files? 320kps MP3 won't do much, go for loseless.

3. Skip cheap portable amp like Fiio. There are plenty of nice ones for you to try. Search the forum. 

4. Interconnects matter.


Just to give you some heads-up. If non of the flagship IEMs sounds right to you, you may want to check out custom ones.

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1.) I have a Cown J3 as my DAP
2.) All my music are FLAC/ALAC/320k
3.)I don't like carrying amps defeats the purpose of being portable.
4.) I've gone through ALOT of different LODs.
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Rush Sale. $300 shipped.

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